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RIP Jessica Michalik

During the 2001 Big Day Out festival in Sydney, Jessica Michalik was crushed in a mosh pit during a performance by the band Limp Bizkit. She was revived and rushed to Concord Hospital, but died of a heart attack five days later. The band’s frontman Fred Durst claimed the band had attempted to take precautions that fell on deaf ears, “We begged, we screamed, we sent letters, we tried to take precautions, because we are Limp Bizkit, we know we cause this big emotional blister of a crowd”. The following day, Limp Bizkit had left Australia without telling the organisers, who only discovered the band’s departure through a note left at the hotel.

Senior deputy state coroner Jacqueline Milledge issued a statement saying responsibility was on the Big Day Out’s promoters Creative Entertainment Australia, saying there was overwhelming evidence that crowd density was dangerous when Limp Bizkit went on stage. Limp Bizkit was also criticised in the report, Milledge saying that Durst could have taken the situation more seriously, with his comments on stage during the attempt to rescue Michalik “alarming and inflammatory”.

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48 Responses

  1. Jeck Cuario says:

    thats why fred and the limp is out of music business

  2. Dan Henry says:

    Between 1998 – 2007 was a crazy insane time to be alive a time period in life when it was cool to be careless and violent and not care about anything

  3. Josh Done says:

    Jock Rap. What a fucking waste of time, money and oxygen.

  4. Teddy says:

    Meanwhile ATDI and Mars Volta are revered in the music world and Limp Bizkit is seen for what it was, a short-lived fad

  5. Ty Shakur says:

    Fuck Fred Durst. Stupid fuck that made shitty music

  6. Dylan Talks says:

    I swear Limp Bizkit created one of the deadliest songs in nu metal/alt Metal history…

    But TBH it's not their fault it's the Crazy Fans in the crowd being irresponsible causing that poor girls death…

    Rest in peace Jessica…♥️

  7. SRV. 123 says:

    Dregs of society.

  8. garrett decker says:

    Fred Durst should have been arrested for attempted murder

  9. jenbill1602 says:

    Fred Durst trying to act tough he just an inch away from being a midget my 15 year old daughter would beat his ass Ahahahhahhhh!

  10. D says:

    I like old lame aussie country like slim dusty, there is a whole album collection of his drinking songs, he had a unique way but kind of very cool way of making aussies look drunk and awesome at the time…..

  11. Mark Silva says:

    Limp Biskik should be sued. The security were hereos. Beastie Boys use to stop and get the crowd under control. Freddie got fingered is a fucking loser.

  12. Bekah says:

    its not the securities fault its the organizers fault

  13. aponcapone says:

    Circle pits meters from the victims.. Fuck that. In metal this is unheard of.

  14. Derrick Wilson says:

    I found myself in a Limp Bizkit mosh pit back at Family Values Tour '98. Fred Durst walked out in this little barricaded area that went down the center of the crowd to about the middle of the arena floor. I happened to be a few feet from where he stood. So naturally the crowd rushed into that spot. I remember literally laying on people sideways but luckily not on the ground. This was b/c of all the pressure behind me pushed me over. Then the band went into a crazy part of the song and I remember my body going up and down without my control. It was the craziest feeling I've ever had in a pit. Bit the shit out of my tongue too. Thought I bit it off. So after that song I got out of that pit. Crazy night. RIP Jessica

  15. Doug Brown says:

    Australia never heard of dividers? Who thought that many people without dividers was okay?

  16. Keiron Kyelo says:

    This is worse than mainland chinese.

  17. Billy Beane says:

    I worked at a venue doing big bands at a small setting. Our only major loss of control was due to over zealous frat boy security we hired for a death metal show with Cannibal Corpse headlining. They decided to rough up a few guys and the next thing the bigger hardcore guys drug all the frat boys over the barricade and beat the crap out of them. We ended up getting every employee including the ticket girl on stage and let the crowd do as it will we just kept them off of the band. We evicted a band for throwing a girl off stage and she landed on her head. This was a big fall ss the stage was 4 foot above the floor and the barricade was 3 foot from the stage and she cleared the barricade. The crowd started getting upset and I was off in the crowd to the right and ended up climbing bodies and grabbed the singer by the throat dragging him out. Called their label and the promoter cancelled the tour. The girl sued the band and mot us and the band whi were on the rise came crashing down. This was a long time ago. Long enough that Korn opened for Marilyn Manson and Danzig was the headline act. It was cool to see Korn go from selling cassettes in the theater parking lot to filling arenas. I miss the concert biz.

  18. Jamie Nisherig says:

    Limp dick biscuit Fred dirst is a fucking moron, I'm glad he has fucked off.

  19. Andrew Tennant says:

    I was there that day and close enough to the crash to put my hand on it. I did end up near the front under the camera boom on the right of the stage holding onto the fence. My view on why the crash happen is when Rammstein finished all there fans pushed left and when Limp Bizkit started everyone pushed forward. This was my first Sydney BDO. But was on the Gold Coast the year before and most years till the end of BDO. If you went down in the pit on the Gold Coast everyone would yell get him/her up. But in Sydney i notice it was more you go down you have to find your own way up. Very different way of thinking in both places.

  20. kenny lars says:

    Stay away if your small from the front

  21. ändrew Salter says:

    I have been in a large festival like this and the crowd pushed foward and I went down and had at least 50 people fall on me and people walking over me , I felt myself passing out and some random girl pulled me out and took me dazed to safety !!! And at that point I had been to pantera shows , slayer shows , napalm death etc and felt totally safe but you get a bunch of excited drunk teens they just push foward and lose control !!!! Poor girl , what a horrid way to go out !!!

  22. MaynardOwns says:

    Fucking disgusting

  23. Gryff Longprong says:

    Stinking fucking bravado

  24. Legionarul Squad says:

    Look people, I've been to some bad ass concerts: the prodigy couple of times,metallica,linkin park , limp bizkit,korn ..and so on!! The thing is that I love moshpits and the adrenaline rush that goes whit this!! But you do it at your own risk and have to be stupid to stay in front of the fences at concerts like this if u are small and powerless so ya..sorry for the girl that died but you have to be able to take care of your self ! Do not relay on the security or the people next to you (some people will help some don't) that being said I can't wait for metallica next year to play in my country. I will be in the moshpit again !! Peace from Romania!!

  25. The Fishy Life ! says:

    I'm shocked this idiot is blaming limp Bizkit!!!

  26. DukeOfDeath27 says:

    That one guy is a peice of shit! U have people literally being crushed, and all he wants is his moment of "fame." But, i guess a big douchebag at a limp bizkit concert is pretty fitting!

  27. Liam Ross says:

    Limp Bizkit looked and acted like spoiled retarded sacks of shit.

  28. Benjamin Sheridan says:


  29. Sparrowhawk says:

    I went to a Ministry concert just last year. The opening group was Death Grips (barf). Probably 66-70% of the crowd was ironic little 20 year olds there just to see Death Grips. During death grips the crowd went absolutely crazy and started pushing, but NO ONE was paying ANY attention to anyone around them. I fell down twice and nearly got stuck down there. Both times no one around me even noticed I had fallen at all. They were too busy imagining themselves sucking the band's dicks I'm sure. Ministry started playing. It was loud and intense and there was lots of jostling and jumping and some pretty rough pit action going on. The main difference is the second someone even STARTED to stumble, the people around them would notice and immediately coordinate to get the person back up, pat them on the back and get back to having a good time.

  30. Jose Sanchez says:

    Being in the middle must be sofocating

  31. milburn69 says:

    Didn’t have this at Woodstock 69 I’m told.

  32. Zakari Handsman says:

    u shouldv seen prodigy exit fest in serbia 2007…

  33. ryan aries says:

    just in case u haven't see this tribute of jessica https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7tFBxT45QOA

  34. Jerikco One says:

    Limp rocked back in the day and was the sound of a generation.
    Along with Korn Cypress Hill and many more.
    Dont hate because they made it to the tippy top. Hollywood kills everyone in the end…. except Marilyn Manson… he kills Hollywood.

  35. Hablyhablo Habbo gaming says:


  36. Jesse P says:

    Horrible having to die during a Fred Durst set. What a horrible way to die. Limp Dick sucks

  37. michael Smith says:

    Fuck you fred durst

  38. Micah Lee says:

    Seriously fuck lb

  39. Sumita iceice says:

    One day, she was a rock band in her heart and forever.

  40. bologna ADKmtnShark says:

    I hope these people never go to a gwar show

  41. Bossman Business says:

    The organizers fucked up. Now you wanna blame limp bizkit. Haters gonna hate…

  42. Raphael H. says:

    This is quite scary. And that’s why I never attend front row at metal concerts.

  43. mchepen says:

    wow. now i know why everyone hates fred durst.

  44. rulang 11223456 says:

    blame your organizers

  45. Sonny White says:

    This is such a terrible incident, having to listen to limp bizkit

  46. Gamorco Perkūnas says:

    fucking shitty corny ass music, it should have never had the "metal" label in it

  47. MrDngrsdave says:

    The event managers are the ones to blame, they shortcut safety measures to save money then threw the blame on limp bizkit and the securiry for it. Everyone knew limp bizkit concerts at that time were hectic as fuck but management didnt do anything to safeguard fans. And also.. why would you let your daughter with a heart condition go to a insane music festival like BDO….. i never understood that

  48. Gary Whitehead says:

    I wouldn't mind but Limp Bizkit were shite and Fred Durst is a twat anyway….??

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