2019 Burleigh Single Fin Festival | Billabong

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11 Responses

  1. David Tomar says:

    What a great event. they all ripped. Love seeing the legends come out for a good time and a bit of nostalgia

  2. Mad1dowg says:

    kek, sub titles can't compute parkos ocka accent. froth!

  3. Have Wheels will Sail says:

    go Parko!

  4. joseph portaro says:

    that's what surfing is

  5. Wendell Fugate says:

    Sick event. Enjoyed the fact that Parko ripped it for a win on an old Al Byrne 6 channel bottom single fin.

  6. LangsfordMusic ltd says:

    What a wave! What an event! After a year of WSL intensity, this comp is a breath of fresh air. Brilliant mix of legends, locals and all sorts…thankyou Billabong,the Burleigh surf community and all others involved…really enjoyed this event! and just how good were these guys and gals surfing on single fins?????

  7. Ant C says:

    Not one wave of occy?

  8. 867 5309 says:

    Australians know how to have FUN!

  9. Foregone Conclusion says:

    That looks like a proper surf comp….fun !

  10. Dirty Billy says:

    Great stuff legends
    Bondi has also had a biannual single fin invitational for over 20 years now……
    Love it

  11. David Hall says:

    Well Done Again cheers whooska

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