5 Sundance Film Festival 2019 Tips

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EVERY Film Fan should go to Sundance – Let Me Explain How to get YOU there.
Let me know your thoughts down below!

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In this video I:
-explain why Sundance is one of the best Film Festivals
-breakdown my Sundance Tips and Tricks for the Festival


► Footage: Sundance | Sundance Ignite | Sundance Resort | Robert Redford Interview | Salt Lake City Drone Footage | Park City Drone Footage

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32 Responses

  1. Dubz says:

    Does Sundance allow animations as short films?

  2. too many thoughts in my head says:

    definitely on my bucket list…hopefully one day

  3. Chloe Kathleen says:

    I’m officially going to be a half fest volunteer at a theatre at Sundance in January! Imma have to make that drive from slc to park city each day but fingers crossed the weather won’t be too terrible..

  4. Mountain Bros - Hike and Explore says:

    Mann I'd loove to go to sundance!

  5. Delvin Walton says:

    is any of the actor there and are they in the same room u just ge tto watch a bunch of shitting movies

  6. Delvin Walton says:

    do u get to meet some of the actor or get pics with them

  7. Peyton Carter says:

    Telluride is best

  8. Jacob Pelegrin says:

    I fucking hate Sundance( I'm a local) all the tourist don't give a fuck about the rule and make traffic.

  9. Black Manta says:

    Face reveal!!!are you Let me Explain?

  10. justin Stillings says:

    I live in Utah

  11. False Facts With Adam Gibbons says:


  12. Ellie McG says:

    I live in Park City and Sundance is great but traffic is hell.

  13. Gavan Films says:

    I live in Park city

  14. 3C Films says:

    Just got my passes using your advice man! Thanks

  15. Tai Brown says:

    Hi, thanks for sharing all the tips! One question, do you recommend each person going buy a package or do you think two ppl could share the ticket package that costs $500?

  16. cgill914 says:

    I really want to go to Sundance this year so bad!!!!! I’m over 25 so I realized maybe I can’t purchase the $250 package. Does anyone know if the $500 is the next cheapest one?

  17. Linda Dodson says:

    Just started thinking about going to Sundance, so this was helpful. One more question: How far ahead of time do you recommend buying tickets?

  18. Juan Alcantar says:

    Hi! Great video I was wondering if you recommend the off peak pass? It doesn't specify but do you know if that pass is for all theaters? Thank you.

  19. Skyler Burns says:

    Hey I really want to suggest you make a video about the show "dark" on netflix trust me

  20. Derek Sutton says:

    I'm almost certain I have that exact same shirt

  21. Zach Medeiros says:


  22. Katie Kelly says:

    This is awesome, now I want to go!

  23. Poop Biu says:

    Review Kamikaze, it has mixed reception, I thought some of it was good

  24. nezzly says:

    Do a vid on how people overuse shiloh dynasty samples

  25. Carlos Perez says:

    Compa you still got that spot available?

  26. Watch IT NOW says:

    what do u think about Eminem's latest song??

  27. Consuela S says:

    i am now so interested in going to sundance!!! also… are you in Toronto right now for Tiff!!!

  28. Andrew Marquez says:

    Can you do a Pt. 2 with extra tips??

  29. Ashley Martinez says:

    What package do you recommend for a newbie who’s going for the 1st time ?

  30. Angela Garcia says:

    Thanks for giving Utah some credit. Love your channel by the way.

  31. Honey Ali says:

    Did anyone notice "Watch Searching" in the background

  32. Dude Cool says:

    I just stumbled upon your channel today. I never would have thought about attending the festival but now I'm planning on going this year! Thanks for the info & awesome channel!

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