Architects – Holy Hell – Drum Cover by Nathan Van Nus

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Hey, my name is Nathan and I’m a drummer from Toronto, Canada.

Not gonna lie, this song kicked my ass. this song in the title track from Architects newest album and it quickly became on of my favorite songs of all time. its an absolute blast to play and im gonna have to do more architect videos for sure.

If you want to get in touch you can message me here on you tube
Or you can shoot me an email at [email protected]

I’m available for sessions and live gigs for performance as well as tech


Pearl Vision Birch kit in a four piece configuration

12″x 10″ rack tom
16″x 16″ floor tom
22″x 20″ kick
And a 14″x 5″ maple Pacific Drums, Black Out Snare

Evans and Remo Heads

Cymbals from left to right

Ufip 14″ Natural Series Hats
Ufip 19″ Blast Crash
Sabian 10″ SX20 splash stacked on top of another random 10″ splash
Ufip 22″ Natural Series Ride
Sabian 18″ HHX Crash
Sabian 19″ Holy China


Various stands

Mapex throne
Mapex Double Kick Peddle

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