Aurora Winter Festival (Honest Review)

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The Aurora Winter Festival has been promoted throughout Vancouver for months now as new Christmas event and I’m sure in Toronto too. Of course part of the marketing strategy is to give social influences free tickets to promote it.

This creates an influx of positive reviews and becomes misleading for people seeing it everywhere and the people that are feeling ripped off and unhappy about it don’t seem to have much of a voice to share these thoughts that others might have as well – but I can.

This is an honest look at Aurora winter festival in Vancouver so you can make up your mind on if this looks like it’s worth your money.

Plenty of places charge an entrance fee, but this is one of the highest priced events in Vancouver and in my opinion the price tag doesn’t match the value of experience compared to other Vancouver Christmas events.

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11 Responses

  1. sweetren19 says:

    NICE video! Thank u for sharing:-D.. See u soon canada:-D

  2. ANAK Creates says:

    Great video! Thanks for the honest review, quite entertaining really haha

  3. Michael says:

    Another great video guide! Will you do a Vandusen vid?

  4. Andgelvlog says:

    Thank you for the review. I have been to many Christmas events similar to this one. I think this place really rip people off.

  5. nobase says:

    The enchant Christmas in Seattle and Arlington are inside the stadium. The first edition of this event in Vancouver was outdoor and the rain really screwed it up. I wonder if this work if they put inside B.C. Place.

  6. andross23 says:

    What suggestions do you have for a good Christmas experience, walks, markets, lights… thank you. Not too expensive, for a couple basically

  7. dz says:

    love your videos, this one's audio was a little quiet for me though, I had to turn it to 100 to barely hear you

  8. Brittany Marie says:

    wow what a scam… I would stick to robson square as you said, or Stanley Park

  9. DownieLive says:

    Couldn’t agree more.

  10. The Backpackers Cult says:

    Its funny because I contemplated going to this, but then I remembered how lame and overpriced the Enchant Christmas maze was and figured this would be similar. Thanks for verifying that!!

  11. Abdelmjid Seghir says:

    Them tacos! Yummyyy!!

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