Beardyman Interview – Live at Home – London 2012 – OFF GUARD GIGS

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Watch an exclusive interview with Beardyman at home in London Live in HD Video

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6 Responses

  1. Todd Carlisle says:

    Before he dies he will run the world.

  2. Simon Warburton says:

    Wow! Never seen Beardyman being sensible in an interview before

  3. Orphire Jewellery says:

    I'm looking forward to a proper album from the Bearded one, hopefully with more serious music on it. I love Beardyman's comedy but not to listen to it repeatedly – an album needs to show the depth of Mr B's musicality IMHO.

  4. yoghurtfilling says:

    saw it and loved it! and wohoo more to come, awesome!

  5. Right Guard UK says:

    First acoustic performance by Beardyman is now live on our channel – check it out. More to follow…

  6. yoghurtfilling says:

    can't wait for the rest of these beardyman vids! 🙂

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