Beyonce Jay Z Deja Vu Live at Coachella 2018

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18 Responses

  1. Jae Jeter says:

    The arrangment before the song comes in is amazing, her band is THE BEST!!!!

  2. Andrea Howard says:

    I’m just here to hear the band they could’ve left her out

  3. DeAndra Stallworth says:

    Babyyyy that intro gave me Foxy Cleopatra vibes!! I LIIIIIIVE!!!

  4. doublehh says:

    i neeed thissss in hd

  5. n j says:

    I just need the arrangement to this instruments thats it lol….. i wish it could loop !! Its so BEAUTFUL

  6. ADDICTED TOBlack says:

    I C O N I C

  7. Simon Tekle says:

    l am eritrean waaaaa fantastisk musik engion

  8. essa gay iraqi Ratchet Muslim stripper says:

    Perfect performing

  9. A M says:

    The ode to Fela Kuti in the beginning, the HBCU theme and West African dancing and drum beat around 3:50 #Afrocentric 😉

  10. Kayleb Armstrong says:


  11. Tmerk2000 says:

    Wow…if only I was there

  12. Diana Riverjackson says:

    IMO this musical arrangement is the best she's ever had for Deja Vu

  13. Wiz Haneefah says:

    Roc Boys! That horn intro

  14. Olushola Ojo says:


  15. Conor Mc Kernan says:

    I love how the Bass Player jumps around to the chords! Always makes me laugh! Man Bey's band is untouchable!!

  16. barbara wright says:

    This is the ultimate tribute to HBCUs. Beyonce and Jay Z rocks.

  17. Refel Abeid says:

    The whole Fela Kuti reference gave me LIFEE

  18. xblatino328 says:

    Now THIS is how you play down and under the beat! Everything on the 1.

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