BEYOND THE VALLEY FESTIVAL / New Years Eve (please excuse our drunk behaviour haha)

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Beyond the Valley Festival / sleepover at the Orval’s house is here!!

Happy New Year everyone!! We all had the best time in Melbourne over New Years 🙂 This one is a bit different to my other videos but was a bit of a laugh to film! Hope you enjoy and don’t forget to like & subscribe if you do

Also, just want to say I don’t condone excessive drinking and that you should drink safe haha!! Lots of love xx

Instagram: @tahliaskaines

Camera: Canon G7X II
Editing program: Final Cut Pro X

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13 Responses

  1. Bret Ann Staples says:

    Wheres your flannel from? xx

  2. Chris Wyatt says:

    Hey babes what is your skin routine and what is the songs not the sink or swim one but the one after that xx

  3. An C says:

    Where’s your white crochet outfit from? It’s so cute!

  4. Taya Hosking says:

    Loved this!
    Looked like you had such an amazing and fun time 🙂
    Loved the outfits too xo

  5. Michelle Mckeown says:


  6. tarajane says:

    who’s the guy in the white overalls?? he cute

  7. Amber Rose says:

    obsessed with your vlogs!!!

  8. Alisha Winter Celeste says:


  9. Christina Julia says:

    Last video you were talking about Mitch now you’re with him! Are you going to make a video explaining it ahah

  10. Lee Laloo says:

    Amazing content as always! Didn't expect anything less from you ❤️

  11. Yoga freak Robin Dhiman says:

    So lovely..i wanna join

  12. Karlee Rose says:

    LOVE x

  13. pep a says:

    Why aren’t Shani and Chloe friends anymore ?

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