Bhairabkunda Fest, Udalguri Bodoland

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37 Responses

  1. Emery Basumatary says:

    Bro you're so talented. Keep it up Alfred !! Congratulations

  2. Raja Swargiary says:

    Angbw dinwisw thangwn da belaseyao khathiniblabw nuhwithowakhwi.

  3. Bidyut Bhagya says:

    Tumi emn English buli ASA je tumr jonmo foreign t hoisil nki Na nijr matri vakhatu paharili

  4. P. Daimari says:

    Thanks Alfred for video I would love to visit.

  5. Ratnamanik Brahma says:

    Nice video bro superb

  6. Bihung Borgoyary says:

    I think bcoz of ur hardwork u were chosen one of the Ambassadors of Bodoland. & proud of you being a boro blogger. Best wishes ahead

  7. rwngw Boorro says:

    From Guwahati it would take no more then 3 hours as per traffic or less its a tri junction of 2 states of India n the countryof Bhutan in North the potential ofthe Bhairabkunda is yet not fully developed

  8. Jwngsar Basumatary says:

    helicopter gakwnaya bsg minute gkwnw mngn 3000 aw ada

  9. Ankshuman Boro says:


  10. Anam Raja Muchahary says:

    Nice work

  11. Nukul Basumatari says:

    I willing to see that place surely

  12. Nukul Basumatari says:

    When do this festival will closed bro

  13. Rakeah Boro says:

    berat mwjng nudwng ada

  14. RS Dildar says:



    rwbao bisa program maha jabao gwn bra ada


    Nic vdo lai ada….

  17. Bodo Nation says:

    Bro party coming soon bodoland ni 1st YouTuber to 100k sub

  18. Kankan Baro says:

    How mny days bhoraikunda festivl….?????

  19. Montu Goyary says:

    Wow very nice place bro


    Mush bettr thn dwijing i guess

  21. Jadu Rabha says:

    Parachute most wondering

  22. Pronit Moshahari says:

    M huge fan op u..Bro.. I love it

  23. Veronica Basumatary says:

    Better than……

  24. Firaj Brahma says:

    Keep making such videos brother, i m a huge fan of ur work , god bless you.

  25. Sofikul Islam says:

    U r a good english speaker bro…bt plz improve ur pronounciation

  26. Tangki Basumatary says:

    waiting 100k

  27. Milon Baro says:

    Really nice place

  28. Sandeep Maheshwari says:

    #sandeep maheshwari

  29. News8MB says:

    Dear brother good information video.

  30. Birkang k Basumatary says:

    Wo… Sir nic….

  31. Simangsha Narzary says:

    Very nice!!!!!!

  32. Rock Daimari says:

    Improve your pronunciation ….

  33. Biramwdai technical says:

    Mala ni PRI ster janai Ada?

  34. Olive Young says:

    Can you please give more detail about the place as how to reach from Guwahati as such. In addition when does the festival takes place. Am boro watching from Melbourne Australia. Would like to visit the very place when I come down to India for holiday.

  35. Sangramsingh Health and fitness says:

    Nc job bro

  36. Bhanu Basumatary says:

    Agbw thangwn

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