Billy Ray Cyrus – Wher’m I Gonna Live? (Official Music Video)

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Music video by Billy Ray Cyrus performing Wher’m I Gonna Live?. (C) 1993 The Island Def Jam Music Group

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36 Responses

  1. Sofia Mazo says:

    He say that. If. Daniel. Is not. Coming. To the. Wedding

  2. Sofia Mazo says:

    Cameron. Want to be. Your man. To get. Your dagther. To. Get merry

  3. Ashby Saddler says:

    This is Like funniest songs of all history of Country Music besides the Cledus T Judd songs

  4. Sarah DixonHead says:


  5. Timothy Boswell says:

    Ok billy … You owe me one … Can we have Miley's hand in marriage … I thought I would ask you first … I really love her you know … I know where I'ma gonna live when I get home … Y'all can come kick it in on of our Fathers Mansions … He would not have said it if he didn't mean it … If your heart is listening … Hey Miley … I ain't heard anything from anyone … Ima crazy … For Jesus … So how bout it … Ellen is even giving me the cold shoulder … Don't worry baby … We would never hurt you … Sing us sumn really pretty and fresh … Let me see … Okay … Give me half a silver dollar … I sell you as an bowl of beans … We could sing that in an song … But it might seem to be as mean … I really do love you … Baby …

  6. Kenny Ellis says:

    I used to joke around with my friends when I used a kerosene heater,"where I am gonna live when I get home?,damn kerosene heater has burned everything I own,they meant what they said,those things will kill you dead,nothing to joke about but this shit always popped in my head

  7. Billys Angel says:

    I wondered what he was doing I've missed his music. Glad he has new music out and this song is great I love it. I'm gonna have to go check out the store for the new cd.

  8. Danielle Hogeland says:

    He goodsweetie hearts

  9. Sangtea Khawlhring says:

    Ohh I'm lonesome 2night Billy

  10. Angel Wolski says:

    love this song,, tbh love all billy rays songs

  11. Lynn Fernandes says:

    In HELL TO.

  12. Dianne Jennings says:

    Billy you can come live with me if you need a home !!!!! LOL

  13. Crystal Pritt says: this song

  14. John6yt says:

    Plus I notice almost all of his male “neighbors” have ponytails too LOL

  15. John6yt says:

    Was that Tish throwing him out?

  16. PineapplePen31 Ouellette says:

    your awesome

  17. Dianne Jennings says:

    You can come live with me

  18. Michael Arledge says:

    love the song got all billy ray cyrus cds

  19. kristen leeann choate says:

    i spent the night with billy ray cyrus

  20. kristen leeann choate says:

    billy ray cyrus held me for the first time

  21. Patricia Clark says:

  22. XxJustinXx88 says:

    7 years together and she kicked me out a month ago… This song has always been hilarious to me and still Is lmao.

  23. Wayne Johnson says:

    Looks like he had a few more things than I did when I got kicked out…….lol

  24. Wayne Johnson says:

    I thought Billy was very underrated as a country music artist as I find his stuff much better than the "crap" they are putting out today and calling it country music.

  25. Cho Lang says:

    Yeah ✌

  26. Erica Leigh Taylor says:

    Love that pedal steel finish ❤

  27. Curtis Glover says:

    So love to meet him watched him growing up. But I know that will never happen bc I'm a nobody

  28. kentucky 82 says:

    My old lady would throw me out as well if I had a mullet haircut

  29. Roberta Elder says:

    I love this song it's my song as well iits a great song I've still got my tape I've got the CD and all my other country collection I can now listen to them all on you tube country collection and to the nice kind hearted friends who recommended them for me thank you so much for the greatest singer's ever from Roberts

  30. chris60810 says:


  31. Tiffany Denny says:

    You can stay with me

  32. Christina Pederson says:


  33. tyler wilson says:

    my teacher told the orgin story of this song today he said they droped him off at his house and his stuff was all over the yard and they said they all laughed at him

  34. j d says:

    this is you song Donna
    i played it just for u

  35. Юлия Реденс says:

    Что мне делать как мне быть где ж теперь мне жить?из дома выгнала жена вот хреновые дела…

  36. Annie Wolgmatto says:

    I love ur song billy

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