Burning Man 2007 – Piano Flinging Trebuchet

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Another incredibly original kinetic work of art on the Playa! An Upright piano Trebuchet – flinging a piano over 200 feet to explode on the Playa! Of Course! Brilliant! Burning Man 2007 Green Man

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20 Responses

  1. halonerd4life17 says:

    So this want the Taliban are up too

  2. Garage 55 Car Reviews says:

    At the end I heard a guy say only in America

  3. BionicSoma says:

    Down with the pianos! 8~D So crazy!

  4. coffeebuzzz says:

    Put it on wheels and you'll throw the piano twice as far.

  5. Crystal Mask says:

    I have an old piano I dont want, I would love to do that to it. XD

  6. Pinoyako11705 says:

    …and people still wonder why we haven't found a cure for cancer yet.

  7. Benpurple4 says:

    america is shithousen. stupid trollbait

  8. Andexx says:

    american fun at it's best…

  9. Steven ODell says:

    way cool!

  10. Andrés Coronado says:

    Only in Great Fucking Gringolandia!

  11. hoyle1911 says:

    Woah, the hippies actually built something functional. Normally I wouldn't trust them to microwave popcorn.

  12. kiojose says:

    they think this is fun. i think is boring.

  13. 560287144602817 says:

    that was more than 40ft. if your a natural dumbass commenting will just make things worse for you

  14. dirtydogvideo says:

    ok fellas….now who is the party pooper that decided NOT to light the piano on fire for the hurl?..lol!

  15. Azeralas says:

    while the world may be angry at us for our political views and loathe us for our love of war…
    they cant deny our love for cool stuff. Will a trebuchet solve our economic problems…no. Will it solve the problems in the middle east…no. But who cares these guys are HURLING pianos! God I love this country!

  16. Hunter Mann says:

    I was there(with another film crew). Yes it was cool, but far from original. We rigged a piano & catapult back in 1991 for an episode of Northern Exposure. We actually built several sizes and then it was all edited together. Many great memories from that classic TV show.

  17. tony clifton says:

    i just typed in piano smash and this came up! HOLA!

  18. Christopher Overstreet says:

    There is no shortage of crappy piano's that are not worth fixing up in the world. There are lots of old pianos that are worth fixing, but most people don't. Instead, they buy new pianos that will not be worth fixing in 20-30 years. I am a piano teacher and destroyed my first piano at BM this year. I intend to bring a piano to destroy every year now. These horrible pianos are a big reason why people get frustrated and quit. I say fling em' or burn em' or both!

  19. horace wayne says:

    you haters are a bunch of dorks….and boring…..go to BM and have the time of your life!!!

  20. FlyBikes089 says:


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