Burning Man 2014 – the Movie

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A collection of random clips trying to capture the spirit of the event

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15 Responses

  1. nielarocks says:

    I can't wait! Its two weeks away before we head out and I decided to build this campaign. Help Us Get to Burning Man!! Donate here! http://www.gofundme.com/theburn

  2. SharkSport says:

    I can't find my bike.

  3. iZ Open says:

    Song name from 0:008:24? Please…

  4. lux_lemon says:

    Sorry but I have another song question,lol. What is song playing at 9:26. I just love the soundtrack of your video.:)

  5. Doug Taphouse says:

    Yay! There's my Pyramid of Possibilities at 7:25.

  6. Nallanyesmar says:

    Those smokey dust devils are really cool.

  7. lux_lemon says:

    What is the song at 12:00 and the song after that?

  8. Hap Leonard says:

    Very cool! we were camped right next door to you, PlayCreate. Hope to see you again next year

  9. Zetoto says:

    What is the name of the song in the end plz?

  10. Juan Reina says:

    This looks so amazing, thanks for sharing.

  11. gronker2 says:

    It amazes me how the newer video technology is getting better at capturing the night scenes.

  12. Edward Yakerson says:

    Я у вас гостил в кэмпе.

  13. Edward Yakerson says:

    И моё:)   Burning Man 2014

  14. Alex Kiskachi says:

    Wow. This is great.

  15. Stanislav Tarnovsky says:

    My video impressions from this year

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