Chrissy Costanza & Alan Walker “Legends Never Die” (Coachella 2018)

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THIS WAS SO AMAZING!! It took my breath away!!

Chrissy Costanza, singer for Against The Current, was a surprise special guest during Alan Walker’s set at Coachella. As the sun was beginning to set on the horizon of the Sahara stage, thousands of fans sang along to “Legends Never Die,” the official theme song for the 2017 League of Legends World Championship, which was held in Beijing, China.

This performance at Coachella marked only the second time Chrissy has sung the song live and the first time in the U.S. She sounded unbelievable! I’m so happy I got to be a part of an incredibly special moment, one I’ll always hold dear! These are the days we’ll remember. Can’t wait to see Against The Current rocking Coachella next year!!

Shout out to Alo Yoga, Chrissy’s wearing their Bandage Legging and Glisten Bra…super dope!

Also very cool to see her wearing a black arm band in honor of Avicii, who had passed away earlier in the day. A devastating loss.

Listen to the original version of “Legends Never Die” feat. Against The Current

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43 Responses

  1. Some I says:

    Your my god thanks for adding this song

  2. Yuvraj Devadiga says:

    I loved her dance and singing

  3. Malikai The Hokage says:

    I like her performance here, but let's be honest, nothing could compare to the World 2017 Opening Ceremony!

  4. TheTripol says:

    Holymoly shes hot, love the song too.

  5. pro gaming dab master pro gaming thuglife says:

    Alanwlker is noob

  6. pro gaming dab master pro gaming thuglife says:

    Fuk you maestro

  7. Phạm Văn Trường -.- says:

    Huyền thoại không bao giờ chết

  8. POON hei says:


  9. Ahaile Jemu says:

    uae just great chrissy i love u n ur voice

  10. Darren Beltran says:

    ……..good 🙂 song

  11. Özgür Can Cevlani says:

    I love her

  12. Ali Ören says:

    Chrissy and alan walker are same person lol

  13. Endless Hor1zon says:

    I love this song!

  14. Jannatulnur Oishi says:

    legends never die…they fight until they get the things they want

  15. HypeX says:

    ïts sad how she sang better in this than in the real song :/

  16. 李囝 says:


  17. Tuấn Trần says:

    Gosh, her beautiful face is still there !

  18. eustagoesout says:

    Say what?

  19. nathanjones17 says:

    Chrissy has gained some weight

  20. Dominic Delacruz says:

    Hey haters can you fucking shutup
    ATC FOREVER go Chrissy

  21. The Maestro says:

    Haters should Shut up after seeing this video
    as you can see she CAN SING

  22. Tony Ambuyoc says:

    hi chrissy costanza al am you my baby idol nicole ambuyoc wants her to buy clothes ATC case we do not have any money to set her too

  23. Ian TheBawsMan says:

    Gotta say it's a lot better than worlds

  24. Shadow Winter says:

    Amazing Close Up Vid! Chrissy is enjoying her singing, such an inspiration <3333

  25. Ana Karen De La Garza says:


  26. timstime1970 says:

    Stunning as always!!

  27. Suna no Ōkami says:

    I don't want to sound mean but she basically has no ass.. Her back and legs are one thing..

  28. Evan Burdick says:

    original was way better then this shitty mix.

  29. Nida Naseer says:

    what a total babe omg

  30. Maile Pang says:

    Whaaaaa she was at Coachella???? 🙁 Atc!!!

  31. JosephRodromph says:

    You guys used to be good

  32. Anna Tiffany Wong says:

    Chrissy! Chrissy!

  33. Atakan Salih says:

    this show might be the cringiest thing ive seen in a while

  34. Mihir Soyam says:

    I am die hard fan of both Alan walker and Chrissy…this is heaven for me

  35. Rosaline Carissa Averina says:

    bet like 95% of the crowd dont know this song cuz it sounds so quiet like holy hell

  36. Steve Richman says:

    Chrissy is the girl of my dreams, she is perfect.

    Where are the haters now?

  37. October Simmer says:

    Um… this was wack. Lol

  38. Jenna Maria says:

    She sings really good in this one, the WORLDS haters need to see this so they’ll shut up about her voice.

  39. Sunny Tiscareño says:

    Chrissy’s sexiest performance

  40. Gerben den Boer says:

    she sounds way better then at league 2017 worlds, honestly that was just bad

  41. Samba Skiller says:

    Avicci – Legends never die

  42. Ayse Yildiz says:

    I love that remix(;

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