Claudio Abbado Rehearsals Lucerne Festival Orchestra

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  1. Quotenwagnerianer says:

    Interesting that he chooses the appropriate language for the orchestras. With this group he spoke english, because it is built up from the international ensembles he worked with.
    With the Berlin Phil he spoke german.

  2. Peter Fritz Walter says:

    What a wonderful, polite, considerate conductor who while being unchallenged by problems, can solve them by really cooperating with the musicians, instead of trying to dominate them. His death was a great loss for all of us musicians.

  3. tenor man says:

    R I P Maestro Abbado . Thank you for all of you're wonderful Mahler recordings . You've brought me great joy .

  4. 이옥희 says:

    R.I.P. I loved Maestro, Abbado Forever !!

  5. Mary E says:

    R.I.P. you'll live in our hearts.

  6. whitejasmine says:

    RIP, Maestro!  You gave us much joy in life, and leave us with wonderful legacy.  Grazie mille!

  7. jvdesuit1 says:

    It's a pity Pleyel has not the acoustics of Lucerne's hall. We spent millions to refurbish this concert hall and the result is as poor as it was before.Noyelle is building the concert hall in the Cité de La Musique to open 2014 I think; let's hope he succeeds to achieve Lucern's miracle. The poor thing of it all is that it is located in the worst accessible place of Paris.Thanks to the idiot socialist mayor this town has.We're heading to catastrophy thanks to Hollande.Poor France!

  8. jvdesuit1 says:

    Fantastic performance, fantastic auditorium; never heard an orchestra sound like this and you have a perfect view and listening whatever the seat you have. We attended after two great chamber music concerts in Wengen in a little church facing the Eiger peak and the Jungfrau. It was during the Mendelsohn week festival. Splendid vacations and great music what can anyone expect better in life!

  9. KlavierEum says:

    Event a solo pianist must listen to his/her sound: sometimes left hand is neglected, sometimes right hand. Just attentive listening to all the sound carefully makes the performance better. Abbado is amazing that he is doing that with 'orchestra'.

  10. Sahand says:


  11. jvdesuit1 says:

    I'm all excited at the prospect of the concert I'll attend next august in Luzern; there was the disappointment of the change in the program but anyway it will an unbelievable experience: instead of Malher's 8th there will be Egmont's full score and Mozart Requiem; among the soloist is René Pape.

  12. wpHao says:


  13. cykill1000 says:

    @diu8 It's from the Debussy dvd that they did rather early in his time there.

  14. Baaderino says:

    claudio abbado realised an undreamed dream of thousands of humans with this orchestra and this festival. This are the greatest Mahler interpretations and concerts of all time.

  15. Stephen Garcia says:

    What piece is this?

  16. David Merchan says:

    @luisfrodrimaz a nadie le sienta el cáncer.

  17. qudolph says:

    what dvd is this from? thanks for posting.

  18. DT says:

    @lucpebo2 what dvd is it may i ask?

  19. Luis Rodríguez Imaz says:

    A Abbado le sentó el cáncer de maravilla. Desde 2001 está haciendo versiones magistrales, como nunca antes. Con Lucerne hace prodigios. Su humanidad es entrañable. Su visión y goce por la música transmite emociones incontenibles, como pocos. Si ya era extraordinario, ha entrado en la pléyade de los maestros eternos e irrepetibles.

  20. Jassim Khalil says:

    I don't like this Abaddo

  21. Tony Smouse says:

    What dvd/film does this come from?

  22. ramrambatti says:

    I have been to concerts of Beethoven cycle just after he became chief conductor of BPO about 25 years ago. They were terrible experiences with whole orchestra totally being disassembled by refusing his direction. How beautiful and wonderful conductor he has become! I cannot watch his conducting without having tears in my eyes now. I do not know any conductor who is more beautiful than Abbado after Kleiber……..

  23. lucpebo2 says:

    @theanswer00 Yes, i have it!

  24. theanswer00 says:

    Beautiful! Don't you have the whole DVD?

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