Coachella 2016 Essentials & Tips! (Camping Edition)

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I hope you guys enjoy these tips and what you should bring with you to Coachella. Enjoy the music and hope you guys like the video!


By My Side – Craves

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27 Responses

  1. Coco Stardust says:

    I can recommend bringing a small metal hook to shower. So you can hang your bag on your shower door and not drop everything.

  2. Dildozer says:

    What's up with the Amish Jedediah hat?

  3. Audra & Emily says:

    You can bring alcohol with you to the car camping can't you? just no "illegal substances" right?

  4. Melissa Mimosa says:

    Great video! Something I’ve noticed is people who are drinking and partying while they’re in line… they’re cars get checked 40% more thorough.
    If you’re just simple and don’t stand out. I’ve done this 6 times in a row while car camping st Coachella and they hardly even look in our car. Same thing goes to security for entering the actual festival land.

  5. Aporei says:

    Your HAIRR <3 Love your Coachella style!

  6. 100Stratusfiedx says:

    Hmm great idea but looks like the passes sell out

  7. pantraplays says:

    I'm going to a BIG music festival in Norway for the second time soon, but what sucks is that there's NO electric things allowed, like car batteries or whatever that can be used to uhm make (?) electricity, there's no open fire allowed, there's no camp kitchen stuff allowed, your car has to be parked in a parking lot miles away from both the camp site and festival area, and the only place to charge your phone is in the festival area, and I think you have to pay 3 bucks for it each time, and it's only open from 3pm to 11pm I think. On the plus side though, I think there will be showers in the camp this year! Last year I didn't shower at all for almost 4 days, and I felt DISGUSTING when I finally came home to a nice hot shower. I did bring baby wipes and antibacterial stuff and ofc alot of deodorant and baby powder as dry shampoo but….. I also hope they upgrade the toilets this year, cuz last year I just COULDN'T use the few ones in the camp due to smell and nastiness. The ones in the festival area at least had water and stuff and got cleaned every two hours or so, which was nice. Thanks for the other tips though!

  8. beauty with JOY says:

    YOU ARE SO CUTE! ^_^ i love this hahaha

  9. Pocket Miner says:

    Loved your video! Also you said you can take showers? Where are they located?

  10. Nia Simone says:

    But where do you take showers ?

  11. FreedomWriter3 says:

    Your hair is so beautiful! I love that color!

  12. Ludachrisduh says:

    my anxiety almost talked me out of going this year for the first time but your video helped xoxo

  13. Stormy Wormie says:

    So you need a parking AND a camp pass??

  14. Trinity Harper says:

    This video helps a lot, I'm coming from Canada to attend Coachella for the first time this year! I love your hat btw 🙂

  15. FkkinEddie says:

    so you guys had a propane stove? I'm like stressing on alot of this ha first year going and I'm doing car camping, EXCITING, except I didn't realize Coachella had so many rules. I'm just wondering how I'm gonna cook my food there, to cook like burgers and hot dogs. (basic) I already have a George foreman and had planned on taking it and using it with my car power inverter but after thinking and really looking at it, it's probably not the best since the grill would drain my car. The grills are like 1200 watts and the power inverter can only give 300-500 wats. Guess I'll have to search for a propane powered stove/grill…. sigh … also, I understand that they only let campers bring in one case of beer per person but what's the regulation on like liquor?? (except the no glass rule)

  16. Simon Calimlim says:

    Aiight, I trust

  17. Midori D says:

    this was so helpful! my friends and i are super on the fence about camping but i think we will!

  18. Kemille Greene says:

    Great video. I don't go to festivals, but you gave me ideas on how to step up my regular camping experience!

  19. J. ONIzzAL says:

    Showers?!?!? At a Festival?

  20. Julie Mills says:

    The tapestry behind you is SO GORGEOUS where did you get it???

  21. styledosage says:

    love this!! also love the song you used. good taste ^^

  22. Brandy says:

    can't you use your car speaker instead of bringing a portable one

  23. Dee Lee says:

    did you get the car or tent camping pass?

  24. Helpful4All says:

    Beautiful. new subbed. please stop by my channel too. thanks

  25. evestyle 101 says:

    your HAIR!! so cool and loved this video

  26. Winterkeisha Jones says:

    This was the most beautiful-est video i've EVER seen lolol the music, makeup, video was perrrrrrfect 🙂
    like + subbed 😀

  27. Haaveilla says:

    Your hair is incredible!

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