Coachella Car Camping Essentials

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This question is understandably asked many times from newcomers to Coachella. I’ve only been going and camping since 2014 but I feel like I have a pretty good list of essentials.

I forgot to mention in the video that there is a general store in the campgrounds so if you forget anything, chances are they will have it there, but expect it to be marked up in price.

There is also a free supermarket shuttle that runs on Thursday 3pm-7pm and Fri-Sun 7am-130pm (2018 times). It departs from the northwest corner of Lot 7. So don’t panic if you forgot something (other than your wristband & car camping sticker).

☼Essentials in the video:

1. Wristband & Car Camping Sticker (duh)
2. Canopy
3. Plastic Stakes
4. Rubber Mallet
5. Zip Ties/Pre-Cut Rope (something to keep the canopy legs attached to the stake)
6. Sheets/Tapestries/Tarps
7. Binder Clips/Safety Pins/Clamps
8. Lights
9. Toilet Paper (also baby wipes & Clorox wipes)
10. Camping Shower
11. Fan
12. Spray Bottle
13. Tent
14. Blankets
15. Warm Clothes

☼Other items I bring camping:

-Two ice chests (one for food, one for drinks)
-Air mattress + glue
-Yoga mat
-Camping stove + propane (butane is not allowed)
-Folding table
-Plastic utensils + paper plates
-Paper towels
-Jumper cables
-Hand sanitizer
-Trash bags (usually the one they give you is enough, but I bring more just in case)

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    how bad is car check with the entrance security ?

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