Coachella Valley Dates, California Grown

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California Dates are more than a calendar appointment or a romantic rendezvous …

California Dates are a heart healthy fruit naturally loaded with antioxidants, potassium and fiber!

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8 Responses

  1. Ahmed Aly says:

    Allah bless America

  2. Critic121 Kibitzer says:

    Addictive … you just can’t eat three fruits only a day???!!!

    Please Muslims grow up .., dates has been around and enjoyed long before Islam!!!

  3. آكل الدهون says:

    Saturated fats and cholesterol are essential for Mammals, including humans, sugar is the enemy.

  4. Rex Ryn Uloly says:

    Is moslem fruit.. Very good and blesed by Allah.. Is in qoran to. So its recomended and very good

  5. Ricardo bailando says:

    the soil has been depleted there are no nutrients in these dates pure sugar and water

  6. Sandra Mike says:

    They are actually iraqi origin and were bought from iraq 100 yrs ago


    I need to know the pounds of Pesticides sprayed on Dates in a given season. And the other is, why not list the types of pesticides on the back on the inside cover next to the Nutritional facts list.

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