Cody Simpson & The Tide – New Crowned King (Live Music Video)

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22 Responses

  1. Raquel Miralles says:

    thank you for transmitting so much with your music

  2. Sick Minded Browns says:

    Greetings from INDIA (SHILLONG)

  3. El bi says:

    This song is so good. I'm feeling good now❤

  4. Henry Wallace says:


  5. Mica Avila says:

    Eh rubio volve a Argentina lpm

  6. musicfinatic777 says:

    This is so beautiful!!! <3

  7. Faby Sullivan says:

    Cody makes a song for once in a while

  8. Betty Baltazar says:

    This is the best offical video ever

  9. lookingforyou0 says:

    this gives me chills. i love how genuine u are cody

  10. Drey G says:

    Young cody look

  11. Neya Tosoc says:

    im totally drowning in your voice help

  12. qila says:

    bruh the end strum is sooo awake all night

  13. KLUVATL says:

    I am very happy to hear the crooning on these latest songs! Beautiful vocal performance, beautiful setting and acoustic delivery. Nice how your armband tattoo completes the guitar.

  14. Evin Solis says:

    I love you Cody!!!

  15. Luana Arantes says:

    0:36 the guy in the background knows how enjoy life

  16. ENE EC says:

    Love you from Argentina

  17. it is wednesday my dudez _ says:

    Wow i had a throwback to when i was like a 13yo girl and was listening to on my mind and i watched that video again and realised how cringey that actually was but holy shit ur music is really good now

  18. pink unicorn says:

    This is really calming.

  19. talentssinger / Volker says:

    Very good Sung…nice Video

  20. Luana Arantes says:

    The simplicity of the video makes it so special. What a beautiful song! What a beautiful man! So pround of you, Cody.

  21. Micah King says:

    Amazing man! Hope to meet you one day. You matured a lot bro.

  22. rachael says:

    truly a king

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