Cold Calling Live -Wholesaling Houses

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How is your Phone Skill with Motivated Seller? Well I’m Bring Subscriber on for a LIVE COLD CALL to see how they do. Afterward giving them feedback of how they did. Don’t forget to smash that thumb up and Comment below if you do enjoy this and if you would like me to continue doing this kinda Video.

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It will help you crush it on the phone and lock more properties under contract without ever going out to see the property or meet with the seller. I show you how it can be done Virtually. You will be able to listen to some live call that I have with these seller and you’ll see how I put the script into action and locking these property under contract just over the phone. You will see how powerful the script is and once you master it you can do exactly the same.

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Addendum Between You & End Buyer Video
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Outbound Offer Script Video
Purchase and Sale contract (Between U & Seller) Form
Purchase and Sale Contract between You & Seller Video
Double Closing (Between U & End Buyer) Buyer Pay For All Closing Cost
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Live Call With Seller #2
Live Call With Seller #3
Live Call With Seller #4
Live Call With Seller #5
AVR/Rehab Calculator Video

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Hi my name is Khang Le,

My wife and I are both High School DropOut. We Lived in a shack behind a Mobi home park for 5 years. Went through a lots of up and down during our teen n twenties before discovering Real Estate. I created this Channel to show YOU everything I have learn about Wholesaling Real Estate so that YOU can duplicated and create your own Financial Freedom. How I went from making 30k a year at a job to now making 30k a week Wholesaling Houses 🏠.

I will Show you how to tie properties under contract at a discount price and then sell that contract over to another Cash Buyer and make a LARGE PROFIT!! Without actually buying the property. You don’t need lots of money or good credit or any construction 🔨 background to do this biz. I will show you how to turn your Annual income into your Monthly income through Wholesaling Houses. If you have the Drive, the Determination, the Focus and the Right Mindset then you too can do this.

1) Believe it Possible
2) Believe you can do it
3) Take Massive ACTION

– “Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.”

-To Your Journey!

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36 Responses

  1. CC B says:

    Can you do some videos where we call into you? I have been focusing on outbound marketing as opposed to inbound marketing, so I think it'd be great if we could practice that approach as well.

  2. CC B says:

    The last guy needs to work on speaking up more and being more clear. Great examples Khang!

  3. TruStory says:

    This is great khang…You are the man!!

  4. Jackson Lowery says:

    Please do this again.. I would like to call in one day

  5. Jackson Lowery says:

    You’re the best man

  6. Plane Sense says:

    Great video! but maybe you should mention the numbers you are calling..:)

  7. JVC Castro says:

    Khang I really think this is going to help us a lot!

  8. DARK SKIN TV rashida strober says:

    Lord you are so entertaining! love it!

  9. Sempose Fitness says:

    "I am so happy and grateful now that money comes to me in increasing quantities through multiple sources on a continuous basis"

  10. PCT says:

    Very helpful any beginners out there (me) would be making a mistake not to take notes and implement these specific tips/responses into their own scripts.

  11. Kyle W says:

    I Love this you should do it every week

  12. J.L Rivera says:

    Keep this content every week, I would love to give this a go!

  13. Kevin Rower says:

    This is awesome extremely helpful and I’m almost positive there is nobody else doing something like this anywhere as free content thanks for everything you do

  14. Rome says:

    for starters, stop sucking your teeth..

  15. Zach Johnson says:

    I liked the video. I've been in sales and service for twenty years. Relatively new to REI and I think all your advice here is spot and and can save tons of time as well as close more deals.

  16. Audra Puodziukas says:

    I totally see the value of your scripts versus trying to talk to the seller without knowing how to control the conversation or what to say!! Great calls!!! This helped a lot!!

  17. Have A Badday says:

    Great segment, I love it!

  18. Coach Stim 601 says:

    You added value to my day with this cold calling video. Thumbs up..Second deal is set to close on Nov 5th from another cold call.

  19. Kenita James says:

    I caught it late but this is great to watch the only problem that I have is the sellers not telling me how much they want for the house I have to sit there and basically throw a number (that make sense of course)at them they be like oh well nevermind that's not a good deal for me that's my biggest concern that I have

  20. ZaneyPooh says:

    Please do this again soon!!!!

  21. icecoolaid says:

    learned alot thanks Khang!!!

  22. Antonio John says:

    Ok im going to order it this week coming up one more question im in houston so i assume i can still use those documents non virtual right??

  23. Jeffrey Romelus says:

    Very good video let’s do every Friday

  24. Marsha Yvonne says:

    Love it!!…Thank you for paying it forward!!

  25. Ashley R. Williams says:

    Just started watching you, I love your attitude and content. Very positive. I made calls today and was shaking . Watching your videos help me make the calls.

  26. Antonio John says:

    Ok yea i wanted 2 purchase it jus wanted 2 be more lucid before i did what about for subject to: deals??

  27. greg w says:

    Good job Tania, Anthony &Khang

  28. BMB Properties says:

    Vid was Awesome!

  29. Barbara Favors says:

    Happy Friday Khang!!.. Hey I missed out on this can you do this again soon!.. Thanks

  30. Antonio John says:

    Hey do you sell a package with your contracts in it as far as purchase in sell, sub2s,lease opts in so fourth?? In do contracts differ from state 2 state?

  31. Mantin HD says:

    Love the videos!! By far the best videos out there!! Thanks so much King!!

  32. Justin Greathouse says:

    What's up buddy!! Quick question man, do you only use yellow letters or do you also use voicemail blast?

  33. LOUDERzASSASIN says:

    Definitely like it khan keep it going! Also enjoy watching you call sellers as well so we can see the different situations you run into live!

  34. Anthony Felipe says:

    Do you do cash buyer calls as well?

  35. SlowSage says:

    Nooo i missedd itt lol pls do this again khang

  36. Star Gazzer 6 says:

    You got a new subscriber lets get it KONG

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