Coldplay – Yellow (UNSTAGED)

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18 Responses

  1. Andre Gruenfileds says:

    Love this song so much!

  2. Thang Bom says:

    zui qua di 😀 Vang khe len nua di 😀

  3. ste royal says:

    Nostalgic. Τουλάχιστον μ έκανες ν αλλάξω μετα απ ολα αυτα. και ας μου γαμησες την ψυχή, όσα γαμημενα χρόνια και να περάσουν το ξερεις δεν χρειάζεται να πω κατι σου ειχα πει κάτι και βαλτα καλά στο μυαλό σου. Τουλάχιστον θα σε σκέφτομαι και θα ξέρω οτι είσαι καλά και ευτυχισμένη. Να σε καλα πριγκίπισσα μου.

  4. shakespeare floyd says:


  5. Beni Sigarantang says:

    Ada yg setuju ini suara mirip ariel noah

  6. ALAN BRITO says:


  7. おいきたろー says:


  8. Ritvik Raj says:

    Hey you…..hey…..yes you scrolling through the comments….yes I m talking to u ….u have a very good musical taste

  9. Nicolas Amores says:

    Encontrar a la persona q le puedas decir…. esas estrellas brillan por ti…. si, brillan por ti…. serias un afortunado…. Agus, siempre lo prohibido es tentador…. y vos si q lo sos….

  10. bernard hervieux says:

    very fun present show coldplay

  11. Dachi says:

    2:10 Developers?

  12. Doãn Hiếu says:

    i love his voice, his teeth<3

  13. Aji Ubay says:

    similar to Indonesian singer Ariel Peterpan

  14. SuperKaizi says:

    Awesome recording, what is this show?

  15. Kien Le says:

    Listening this song to the first time. Im starting to smile and crying and even dont notice about it…

  16. bloper Sharma says:

    Happy that people enjoying through eyes but not Lens .

  17. Gimena Ferreira says:


  18. R. R.E says:

    i'm still listening this sing in 2018

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