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31 Responses

  1. Robby Boyd says:

    Love the edits, and clean LUT

  2. jazper go says:

    The cool man are back

  3. Red Bull says:


  4. Giovanni Montalvo says:


  5. Cyan Josh says:


  6. Jessica Wachuku says:

    Hey filmmakers!
    Lets support each other. Ill comment and like on any Youtuber who replies!

  7. JuanGFilms says:

    Casey McPerry!!!

  8. ORllON says:

    More frequently?!?! Could it be true???

  9. Thomas Arnold says:

    7.47 Cheeky Kelvin look a like

  10. 180lbs says:

    Getting any chicks?

  11. James Collins says:

    Yes Ben love this vlog man! That sequence with the glitch effect was so good! I'm just starting out and can't wait to learn some of these techniques

  12. Conor Murray says:

    Ben what camera are you using? I use the g7x mII but it definately gives a different look to this. I don't grade my content so maybe this factors in. Just wanna know your two cents

  13. Orla Keeling says:

    Crazy video! Congrats on working with Red Bull…well deserved! Looking forward to seeing what is to come in the future

  14. Lawrence Lee says:

    so dope bro! glad you had fun in Chicago!

  15. Ishaan Chawla says:

    Outstanding ❤️

  16. jaicapangpangan says:

    so epic man!

  17. Bradley Skerritt says:

    Omg such a great vid editing is whooper and I would love to do all the things you get to do and all the places to get to go looks so fun and amazing

  18. miriam says:

    your videos are always so nicely shot and edited, always really enjoy them 🙂

  19. Phil O'Keeffe says:

    So good!

  20. Ryan Lynch says:

    Getting better every video man!

  21. Katie Halton says:

    Crowd edits are awesome! Got a great feel of the atmosphere!

  22. FabienFilms says:

    Awesome to see you working with people you followed! smashing it

  23. Oisin Cooke says:

    edits were absolutely sick (as per usual). honestly watching this stuff makes me want to learn and get better at editing and stuff, Keep it up son

  24. GCDvlogs says:

    This was pretty epic, you are absolutely brilliant at cinematics!

  25. AWSProductions says:

    Sick video Ben!

  26. VISUALCHOI says:

    fuck looks so sickk

  27. Wrench245 says:

    Everyone wonders why I have a multitool at Christmas and birthdays. It's so people can hack through packaging like that. No fun getting a toy you can't play with immediately. You know we're screwed when you need a knife to get your new knife out of the package.
    A word of advice, stick with RedBull. They can get a little wild. Watch "Depth Charge" if you don't believe me. Have fun!

  28. JD AroundTheWorld says:

    Awesome Vlog mate, B roll is on point! Keep up the good work mate.

  29. RockysLife says:

    You more than likely don't need my input but incase t matters Ben KealyHD was just fine
    We love you all the same as 'Kealy' plain old 'Kealy'

  30. Marc Webster says:

    Looks like an epic trip bro!!

  31. L. OMALLEY says:

    Livin life better than Rob

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