Creep at Coachella

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Oh Lord

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40 Responses

  1. TheLonersParadise says:

    He's got the moves like jager

  2. orion fredericks says:

    See what I do for a living at

  3. TheConradical says:


  4. Bob Doe says:

    Is that andy dick lmao

  5. MrNattania says:

    lol I am guessing the creep is the guy with the camera secretly filming someone?

  6. orion fredericks says:

    @KRoNikMaTT420 nope, just dont get out much…

  7. orion fredericks says:

    @Karilo13 thx, handmade

  8. orion fredericks says:

    @Kate2476 , yep, good guess

  9. orion fredericks says:

    @EWiZZ420 , sry dood wasnt me,

  10. orion fredericks says:

    no drugs, work hard, play hard

  11. orion fredericks says:

    Srsly, that music was shit. I think I was one tent off from actual beats with bass. Lol, creep… like creepy? scary? lmfao

  12. BassHead76O says:

    was this at coachella fest in coachella california?!!!! cuz if so im in indio california which is like 10 mins from there lol

  13. bhsjerkboyz says:

    @HiiiiImTYLER u from fresno ?

  14. jeffeyjunk says:

    Whoever shot this is the creep.

  15. Skindoggiedog says:

    That Riff Raff?

  16. Staks says:

    Is that trentemoller?

  17. ChelsterSkelter says:

    I would of danced with it!

  18. gangstamind187 says:

    @HiiiiImTYLER hahaha..why would you say that?

  19. stancexpunks says:


  20. HiiiiImTYLER says:

    He must be from Fresno.


    Kinda looks like Dax Shepard.

  22. matjdm says:

    It's the gay bro of dirt !

  23. YoItsNick says:


  24. Sure Dave says:

    @acozca1 HA, I thought so too.

  25. JayDotTheSpot says:

    @PeterH4522 exactly what i was thinking, hes the one creeping, id do the same to show my friends tho love you dirt, i laugh at this just imagining the smirk you have filming this wack job ahahahaha

  26. bish4610 says:

    That dude is fucking rad.

  27. Brandon Terpstra says:

    What a stud lol!

  28. Jon DGAF says:


  29. Tony Draws says:

    "hah, nice ass bro."
    simon rex! come back to mtv son

  30. Adam Stanhope says:

    Paul Ryan?

  31. TheBi0ndiie says:

    i'm dying lmao eeww

  32. todd stepp says:

    goood shit funny as fuck

  33. Tenderoni Jenkins says:

    @DCMA247 lol "kid' ? hes gotta be at least 35yrs old

  34. Matt Evans says:

    lmao dirt nasty ducking behind a pole

  35. jesus christ says:


  36. VCMCmusic Oftedal says:

    lmao so funny

  37. Fran cis says:

    nooo friggin way…..what kinda fuckin creature is that???

  38. aaron walter says:

    @adarqui well i watched it twice,with my girlfriend? explain that

  39. dynastoned says:


  40. MissFeliz says:

    He was feeling himself Dirt. Love your comment. That made me crack up more than the dudes dress. I love shit like that. Plus your hiding and then shooting the camera up when he turns around is priceless. lollllll

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