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I wanted to actually vlog more but I am still getting use to it… so this was a majority of my snapchat videos! Follow me on ITSDRIZZIBITCH!!
I got super lit… and we didn’t even go to the actual festival!! I hope I get the chance to go next year!!!


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22 Responses

  1. Natalie Terrell says:

    How did you make friends in LA, moving there not knowing anyone and working a job that you could accomplish in your house (YouTube)?

  2. Ursolino McCoy says:

    I love your videos girls are super hot and pretty like 2 top models plus I loveeeeeeee your style to dress up and you both got lovely long hot  tongue 🙂 You girls are so hilarious . Thanks for share all your cool videos ! Nice crowd and very cool songs 🙂

  3. L G says:

    Jessica should really consider dying her hair

  4. charlene malick says:

    What's Jessica's snap chat ??

  5. Miss Tootss says:

    ew yall try to hard in the beginning xc

  6. TheInternetGeek Channel says:

    are you underage drinking or??? like i'm genuinely confused

  7. Marisol says:

    "He stole all the gummy worms"

    "I stole them btches AND THEY WAS GOOD"

    lol me af

  8. Sofia DiSanto says:

    song at 2:07?

  9. fred flintstone says:

    WTF ……. This is soooo very stupid  !!!  Who And Why would anyone watch or care ? google Coachella and get this puffed queef  … Do America some good and throw your camera away , get jobs pay taxes…..

  10. camilleXO13 says:

    This is for the dope mofos who don't have her on snap ';)

  11. Jenni Martikainen says:

    5:13, what's happening?

  12. Bethan Fear says:

    You, Tana and Anna need to collab asap!!!

  13. Maddy Walker says:

    Love you dani but this is basically a whole video of your snap story haha did u even go to choachella

  14. JollySugarSocks says:

    So this is the extent of the Coachella crashing? No one looked like they were having fun at that party & you stayed by the DJ booth way too long imo. PLUS, it's not fun glamorizing being intoxicated when younger girls follow you. Just saying, a lot of vloggers have fun without being "lit" in their videos…but what do I know, right?

  15. Sofia Patten says:

    are you and Sophia not friends anymore

  16. OneToOne says:


  17. Hayley Mullin says:

    Dani your soo dope!! I love your videos!

  18. Jus DBonis says:

    do a video about your nipple piercings dannnniiiii

  19. Kylee Mccall says:

    your living life Dani love you so much your such a big role model in my life

  20. NICHOLE DOIMER says:

    Coachella parties look so fun!

  21. Alex Maria says:

    HAHA that's dj tay james aka justin biebers old dj

  22. Jess says:

    Lol so did u go to coachella

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