Daniel Caesar – Get You (Coachella 2018)

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Daniel Caesar performs Get You at Coachella 2018.

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34 Responses

  1. Lori B. Taylor says:

    Co out LPiul

    lol.skx. C,z,

  2. L G says:

    holy fucking shit.

  3. Jai Bey says:

    Wow he sounds good , disappointed in background singing.

  4. Nagely A says:

    i can feel the good vides, smoking, booling, to this exact song oh lord

  5. Richard Liu says:

    I was trippin balls at his set and it was amazing bruh

  6. Tweetye B says:


  7. Trin Marie says:

    Cry went best drop

  8. Jodelein Garcia says:

    ahh I love all the couples. so cute!!

  9. Jiahui (Nick) Jin says:

    It would sounds hundreds times better indoor.

  10. Freek In You says:

    Damn what happened with Kali's singing

  11. Erica Dew says:

    To the 4 assholes who thumbed this down, you're absolutely a waste of oxygen and your brain should be donated to science so they study low vibrating pieces of matter and figure out how to phase you out of existance.

  12. m aloha says:

    I’d actually die

  13. Harper Follansbee says:

    this is a vibe

  14. Jocelyn Love says:

    The female sounds HORRIBLE!!!! OMG she should never sing LIVE again! OMG

  15. Jade says:

    who's singing kali's part?

  16. D says:

    My ears have been blessed

  17. marko de ocampo says:

    Talented and genius daniel caesar.

  18. Trehnt says:

    Daniel Caesar makes me cry

  19. wigflew says:

    I wanted kali to come out

  20. NoirJin The Writer says:

    Drummer needs to chill

  21. Maha Sheikh says:

    Holy shit, his voice is unreal… it gives me chilllssssssss

  22. angelica diaZ says:

    I wish i had went im so sad now

  23. Jannah Ignacio says:

    Feel so freakin in loooove

  24. wonderzofcloudn9ne says:

    Loveeeee this!!!!

  25. Marianne Souza says:

    I fucking love him

  26. tivisjoyce says:

    Great artist and great performance!! Love to see him live!!

  27. Zoe Skinner says:

    I wish sometimes he'd put little twists on his songs when he performs

  28. Jose Maria Reyes says:

    Takeoff left the Migos to pursue a career in making dope ass RnB

  29. cathleen says:

    damn now I feel like I shouldve bought tickets to coachella

  30. Ísis Martins says:

    married me

  31. summa summa time says:

    This is me and my mans fav song! Thanks for this video!

  32. poppy 777 says:

    It would've been so cool if justin Bieber joined the stage with him and they sang their own lil remix

  33. Silent Rice says:

    Thank you so much I have been looking for this

  34. life is good if you make it says:

    i love this man!

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