Daughter – Landmark Music Festival 2015 [720p]

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Daughter, Landmark Music Festival, The National Mall, Washington, USA, September 26, 2015

Tomorrow 00:06
How 05:09
Still 10:06
Human 14:44
Smother 19:04
Shallows 24:48
Winter 31:41
Youth 38:15
Amsterdam 42:49
Home 48:27

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27 Responses

  1. paraescucharrap says:

    37:20 what happened? why does she apologise?

  2. Todd Davis says:

    I love you Elena

  3. Ownscene | Videography & Photography service says:

    how do you find these obscured FULL-length Daughter concert clips and don't even got taken down!

  4. Celeste Addison says:

    people cry with their eyes she cries with her voice

  5. CésarWalker says:

    Los escalofríos que me dan siempre que la escucho cantar smother son demasiados.
    Se nota lo difícil que es para ella cantarla, los momentos por los que pasaba cuando la escribió o en los que se inspiró debieron ser muy duros para ella.
    Enserio amo a Elena, sus letras siempre son hermosas aunque oscuras, siempre hay alguna canción con la que me indentifico, y por supuesto amo a Daughter con todos sus integrantes (Igor,Remi) que la han hecho convertirse en mi banda favorita.

  6. Krishan says:

    This is just perfect, love her voice and that guitarist was amazing with the song still…

  7. The Qla says:

    The only thing on my bucket list so far is to see them and only thing I want before I die is to hug her x.x

  8. SourPatchCx says:

    omg i love her

  9. Oriol Buxeda Cornet says:

    I can help falling in love with daugther

  10. dusty reese says:

    Her songs are so dark and beautiful.

  11. Charlotte Taufmann says:

    That emotions in her face at 22:40
    It hurts while watching/listening..

  12. Vitor Balsanelli says:

    Parabéns pelos br's que traduziram!❤

  13. Sebastian Schroeder says:

    22:22 can you imagine how hard it must be to sing that.. she must have been in a dark place when writing Smother. So sad.

  14. Zina Garnier says:

    She is Mysteriously beautiful

  15. Pierre Sc says:


  16. foxy fox says:

    Absolutely adorable, Elena Tonra is a goddess

  17. LuisAsmtrong says:

    oee ya pu quiero mi siguiente video

  18. mike gossner says:

    I'm trying to add a public comment it won't let me.

  19. 141Jamison says:

    most underrate
    artist ever

  20. domik says:

    Beautiful ❤

  21. Leonardo Lopes says:

    I had seen they at live, this video helps me to remember the awesome show, thx for posting

  22. Ji Hoon Lee says:

    I love them

  23. Mota Gabriel says:


  24. Caio Caetano says:


  25. Marcel Wachter says:

    Thank you so much for your videos☺️

  26. Andrea Camacho says:

    They don't play Home anymore. ):

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