Destiny 2 News | FESTIVAL REVEAL & HUGE GAME UPDATE! Exotic Changes, New Quests & Easy Malfeasance

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Destiny 2 Forsaken News: FESTIVAL of The Lost Date, Huge Content Update, New Quests, Malfeasance Quest Nerf, Exotic Weapon Buffs, Gambit Changes, Exotic Drop Buffs & Much More (Forsaken DLC New Content & Game Update)

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32 Responses

  1. xHOUNDISHx says:

    Man, all of this content is making us ravenous haha 😛 Bring on the new content and updates. Let me know what you're excited for!

  2. SoapyMcNut M.D. says:

    We were doing the Leviathan raid last night and I had the 1KV… we all literally jumped when we heard that audio glitch. Almost pissed myself…..

  3. attabOyNURB says:

    The problem with sleeper ir NOT the aim assist!!! Itr the fucking HIT DETECTION!!! iv had enough of these noobs with no aim shooting me with it and fail by like 5 to 10 meters wide and then seeing the fucking laser get warped into me and killing me!!!! Even behind walls!!! And no its not the ricochet!

  4. Mudig says:

    FUCK DA HATER! They trying to ruin my boi Sleeper Simulant

  5. Mudig says:

    They should add customizeable gear presets. I don't want to keep switching between shit for specific activities. This would be a huge time saver. PLZ BUNGIE…PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ?

  6. TGB says:

    I will be disappointed if we don’t get a meatball mask

  7. Michael Henry says:

    Imagine if we have to solve Eva Levante's murder and it turns out Tess did her in! End of the quest has us arrest the bitch and shut down her store. :p

  8. Atheon, Times Conflux says:


  9. og_ tipitius says:

    Cayde-6 or i'm quiting

  10. LordHollow says:

    That's happened a few times to me: I'm loaded for bear, the opposing team is beating the brakes off their primevil and the portal doesn't come up throughout the duration of them killing it.

  11. Robin Simmons says:

    I Think Bungie have done a great job with forsaken destiny is finally fun and exciting again. Yes this should have been how D2 should have been from the start but it is what it is and we can't change the past now. I am thankful that they listen and we finally have a good dame again. Yes there is some slight tweeks hear and there that would still be nice to see like the sleeper in gambit, maybe a slight bump to master core drops, I personally would like to see strike loot actually be strike loot not just nightfall as there still isn't much of a reason to grind strikes like we did in D1 looking for god rolls on imago loop or the grasp etc. Maybe they could drop master worked versions in nightfalls but i think generally all the strike loot should just be in the regular vanguard strike list but that is getting of topic. Anyway we finally got what we wanted a reason to grind and there are lots. We are 4 weeks into the new dlc and it seem like everyone just want's to complain, I don't have all the forsaken exotic yet, There two hard to get, why can't i buy them from xur's engram, Malfeasance is to hard to get the quest, why can't i do all activities every week, activities are to hard, no prestige raid :'( :'( :'(. To me when i see this i just think it stupid, frustrating and ungrateful. This is what we wanted a reason to GRIND. These items don't need to be easy to get and shouldn't be. Not everyone need's to have every item and exotic a month into the game. There is no grind in that. I remember people having to grind for months or longer in D1 to get weapons, gear and exotics that they where looking for (for me it was hawkmoon, for some it was gjallarhorn or vex mythoclast, haha I had a buddy who grinded for months to get the Titan chest plate from Crota). The point being it was a grind but it was also fun and worth the wait. Personally i would be disappointed in the game if i had everything after a few weeks. There is so much to grind for now in D2 and so much more content just around the corner with more stuff coming into the game to grind for with Festival of the lost, Black armory etc. People need to stop complaining about everything. Show a little gratitude go out there and enjoy the game, enjoy the time with your friends and clan mates, enjoy the grind Guardians :). Cheers

  12. E K says:

    ive been playing forsaken for about 2 weeks non stop and the only exotic i got was a fking sparrow..

  13. Jibreel Ahmed says:

    I obly have oathkeeper from 2 weeks ago and thats basically it and i dont use bows

  14. Taylor Erickon says:

    the increased spawn rate of the boss is bullshit, its an exotic for gods sake its not a legendary

  15. fixeddice1982 says:

    Sleeper was getting 4 shots per crate?!?! Rocket launchers get 1 or 2? No wonder everybody uses Sleeper. It's not only the most powerful, you get the most ammo on top of that? What on earth? Who puts this stuff in thinking it's a good idea if they believe they don't want "one best setup. One weapon or loadout better than all others"? Who playtests for these guys? Sheeeeeeeeeeesh.

  16. fixeddice1982 says:

    4:21 so they are going to make the matches even MORE lopsided, and then punish people for leaving AWFUL matches? That's pretty lame. If they worked harder on making decent matches, quitting makes sense. When you have a team that gets 0 (ZERO) motes by the time the other team is killing it's prime evil (like I spawned into last night) then WHY punish the poor losing team? How about instituting a mercy if one team finishes before the other team has banked 25 motes, or maybe even 50! As if it's not bad enough to get squashed due to poor matchmaking, add fuel to it by penalizing the losers. Good grief.

    They could start by not matchmaking full teams against full Random's. Or putting the 2 two-man teams together against 4 random's. What is their algorithm? Who wrote it? It's really, REALLY bad.

  17. Charles Porch says:

    I can't wait to finally run into that damn "meatball" though I have a few other names for it lol

  18. milehighkid85 says:

    Just wanted to come back and say………………………..FUCK NIGHTFALLS and its LACK OF MATCHMAKING. Shit has been a MASSIVE complaint of mine since D1 APLHA

  19. Johan Hanhikoski says:

    meatball… it´s a butthole and you know it

  20. milehighkid85 says:

    So does the high score in NF's even matter? Like that is THE MAIN REASON i don't play that shit. The fuck I WANT to score for? Can't I just PLAY the strike and get rewarded via RNG? I got DFA with a 5 minute run and a 20k score. Somethings I REALLY HATE about this game, the "exclusive" slot machine rewards, are absolutely one of them. Waste my hours of play grinding a strike.

  21. Matthew Davis says:

    Just want transmog. I'm cool with farming for rolls on gear and weapons. Give me something to do a few times a week. I think the shader system is good, let's me buy what I need. I'm not asking for an easier way to get gear, rolls, or anything. But the gear I did farm I would like to display it. I don't care that it's not viable. I just want to look how I want. The EP armor is my favorite set in game. It could be implemented like ornaments. Drop down box showing what pieces you have earned and let me choose how it looks.

  22. Kev J says:

    It's my concern that if changes are being made for the accessibility of some exotic quests then it could be applied to all. for example time gating certainly adds the element of Rarity to Wish-Ender, but i think a 3 week time gate is extensive.

  23. Taffy Lewis says:

    No PRESTIGE Raid is the first thing about Forsaken I’m a little unhappy about.

  24. Calvin Willis says:

    They need to bring leviathan into year 2 and let me roll perks on my yr1 items. Because its b/s that they made my whole first year irrelevant

  25. MrSixOneNine says:

    Iv got the meatball to spawn 4 times… I don’t know why people are so upset lol

  26. marco van basten says:

    i would rather see them make a solo que option fore gambit and crucible no solo player should be forced to play against a full team and then they think its strange that players leave i leave when i see a ful team its a garanteed los anyway as a solo player

  27. Calvin Willis says:

    I have to say… destiny2 is losing steam for me hard

  28. Hudson Beery says:

    I honestly just kinda hope the new changes for Malfeasance impact the crucible gameplay as well.

  29. Button Presser says:

    so fucking tired of sifting through your videos just get to the point holy fuck i hate this channel

  30. iam aqua says:

    Bungie has really stepped up their game, I currently can’t stop playing this game, if I’m playing this game I’m doing homework or I’m at school.

  31. Matthew Demers says:

    They should add a Nightfall modifier for fireteams smaller than 3 people.

  32. Sean Lind says:

    I feel like the spawn rate increase kinda cheapens the malfeasance for those who have it, maybe they could give a small buff to those who got it before the update like extra ammo or buff some other stat. I don’t have the gun yet but I think something should be done for those who do

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