Destiny 2 News: NEW EVENT! Next Update Revealed! Festival of the Lost, Exotic Drop Rates & More!

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New Destiny 2 News: Announcing a New Event, the return of Festival of the Lost, as well as the next TWO New Updates and their changes detailed!


New Destiny 2 News revealed with the new TWAB Update:
-Festival of the Lost 2018 Announced
-Gambit and Malfeasance Changes
-New October 16 Update (New Patch 2.0.4)
-New October 16 Update (New Patch 2.0.5)
-Exotic Drop Rate changes to improve Exotic Farming
-& More!


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38 Responses

  1. KackisHD says:

    With the Sword Ammo update in Gambit… the Black Talon is looking real good!

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  2. Christopher Usewicz says:

    Ive never seen the boss going on to second reset

  3. Jose Orozco says:

    I had the special boss appear on me 3 times already and haven’t been lucky enough to kill it in time. First time was a week before seeing his “ How to” video

  4. Anders Milling says:

    1:25 I am so salty when we got the malfeasance boss yesterday, but our team was so bad / poorly coordinated, so the other team took the win.

  5. grizzly Bear says:

    love the astro

  6. Last Survivor says:

    Youtubers like you ruin the game. They need exotics to drop more because most people switched from console to pc and have to reget everything all over again.

  7. Avenger77420 says:

    Getting another edge transit now is a real Bitch

  8. Ragmarock no117 says:

    what happened to "fan made exotics"?

  9. Nicholas Erwin says:

    Oh come on this raid totally needs a prestige mode! Its too damn easy and the bosses have paper thin health. They atleast have to adjust the encounters then because its a fun raid but it needs to be harder

  10. Jayden Chetcuti says:

    Bring back the zombie dance

  11. Payday Boy says:

    Wish they'd fix the fated engram

  12. Niko Dornheim says:

    What about the old raids Whats Happening To them ?

  13. Gunther Welch says:

    do you know if there is a bug that doesn't allow you to get an encrypted cashe key? i cant even get the option to make one

  14. Dave Zoll says:

    15 ha had a buddy do 20+ hours. He did end up getting it but 20 or more is still to crazy.

  15. TheFamilyCat says:

    Very nice informing us on the updates! Much appreciated

  16. Awnra says:

    How do you get in touch with Bungie…?

  17. Brandon Parks says:

    I want them to fix sweet bussines and the rampage perk I think sweet business not only could use the rampage perk but i really need the duration of rampage to last longer cause having it practically disappear after achieving rampage x3 just to have to reload once you get it to not even be able to do shiz with it is just bull spit my friends.

  18. Taylor Hendricks says:

    Can you only create 1 frequency per week or something? I created one, for the node, and now I can’t create any more. It doesn’t give me the option to combine stems. I can’t even dismantle them. I don’t already have a frequency in my inventory and I don’t know what to do

  19. Christi Cunningham says:

    How do you receive the discount on the Astro headsets? Is there a promo code we need to use?

  20. Roman Jarvis says:

    I have reset my gambit rank 28 times and never saw the malfeasance boss so thank you bungle for increasing it's spawn rate

  21. Jeff T says:

    I still havent gotten an new exotic drop and im stuck at 550 all powerfull engrams and prime engrams drop 1 level below my level

  22. Mudig says:

    I've gotten 4 exotic engram drops and they've all been Otherside sparrow. Wtf….

  23. Cheeto Ayon says:

    Dude, you got that fuckn Harmony and didnt even dps the boss. wth man.

  24. Gregory C says:

    Do wavesplitter vs Raid

  25. chris vannatter says:

    What about masterwork cores!

  26. Richard Villacorte says:

    Omfg another update already… I know for some people they already caught up to all the content but seriously there’s a lot of people struggling just to reach light level to end game shit. I’m literally not even having fun anymore because the last 4 weeks have been trying to get powerful engrams rather than using shit I’ve collected throughout my gameplay. Ive never been a downer with the game until now. I think dreaming city drops should be increased and light level should start getting easier since u tweekers got to 600 already. I got a full time job and a kid but love the game and am currently getting nowhere with my satisfaction with the game (due to light level requirements and lack of “wow omg” drop equipment) bungie please fix

  27. Benjamin Miller says:

    I hope it’s Ikora’s murder

  28. Hadi Gamer says:

    Lol, my friend farmed all night for the dfa and I got it on my first try

  29. keir strainer says:

    about 75matches played and still havnt seen the special boss

  30. Johnnyboycurtis says:

    All good changes so far, except for that heavy ammo BS in Gambit

  31. Mr.MigsMedia says:

    they need to give us the ability to delete extra Halloween cosmetic stuff without having to wear it for a long period of time

  32. Paul Becket says:


  33. Ahmed Joval says:

    You should do a tutorial on how to talk shit to unnecessarily elongate your videos past 10 minutes

  34. X DCNightWing X says:

    Rick, thanks for the update. Also, do find it annoying when people complain about drop rates? Yes it sucks when you play 12+ plus hours and still get nothing but that only makes it sweeter when it drops. It’s like wining the lotto.

  35. Caleb Warren says:

    I spent 14 hours trying to get the ascendant primeval. Screw me

  36. Tim Custer says:

    I only play this game when I am board

  37. Green King says:

    salty about the sleeper nerf, just remove it from gambit job done.

  38. Ian Deel says:

    Who’s murder do you all think we will be solving? Maybe Rahool?

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