DH Shuttle Session of Secret Trail March 5, 2017 Coachella Valley MTB Shuttle

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Edited video of our DH Shuttle fest with Coachella Valley MTB Shuttle. It was most of our first time riding Crestline and the trail is definitely legit. There was a total of 10 shuttle runs, I was only able to hang on 8 runs. I had a bad crash on my 6th run following Brett. It started raining pretty bad on the last 2 runs. We had a lots of beer and hotdogs for lunch. The trail took out a bunch of bikes, my rear shock blew on the 2nd run so I just rode my bike with the rear bouncing like a pogo stick, Kevin’s rear derailleur broke on the 1st run so he rode chainless, Brett blew his rear shock on the 2nd run and became the camera man, Jay blew his fork on the 4th run, Alvino broke his derailleur on the 5th run and Sam injured his calf on the 5th run. Crestline did a toll on us but it was super fun.

Tommy (Intense T275c)
Kevin (Intense T275c)
Jaime (Canfield Balance)
Mondo (Transition Suppressor)
Vinny (Giant Trance)
David A. (Transition Scout)
Sam (Specialized Enduro)
David W. (Kona Operator)
Brett (Kona Process 153)
Jay (Specialized Demo)
Alvino (Trek Session 9.9)

Music: Twenty One Pilots “Doubt”, “Semi Automatic” and “Fairly Local”

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16 Responses

  1. Mark Talaro says:

    Very nice trail & video. Please tell me where it's located. We just move here in Inland Empire & I'm looking for a place like this.

  2. BKD says:

    What's up with the music, video is good and would much rather listen to nature sounds, not your taste in music. Muting the video just makes the video even worse.
    Again, good video

  3. adi srulovitz says:

    sick video but where is this at in the Coachella Valley?

  4. rhynoheadhancho says:

    That was fun to watch and sick trail

  5. Adam Marino says:

    Tommy, I'm totally enjoying watching your videos while I recover from a broken wrist. Music is cool, description of the trails, and some of commentary while riding is hilarious. Once I recover I think I'll hit some of these shuttle trails.

  6. Karl Chapman MTB says:

    Check out that heel flick. Legend in his own way!

  7. Eltoca21 says:

    I really want to like these videos more than I actually do. Sadly the music completely destroy the enjoyment and kills the atmosphere, intensity, sounds of the trail and bikes and other bikers, and the whooping gasping struggle and enjoyment of trail riding etc. Don't get me wrong, I like the music but in my humble opinion I don't think it works in this context. The video is far more exciting at the end without music as we can hear and feel your enjoyment and the experience is more visceral. #ConstructiveOpinion

  8. Keezy says:

    Bro, you crazy. You going riding this weekend?

  9. Jaye Fyve says:

    Love living vicariously through you guys!  Keep on pushing on man.

  10. MTBeerz says:

    Shuttle is the way to go! I did a hike n bike on this trail and the up nearly killed me!

  11. LOAM says:

    amazing team.

  12. JT MTB says:

    awesome video and riding!
    u forgot the go juice causing High casualties for everybody.

  13. Vó Ngựa says:

    Man, what an eventful ride!! I guessed it was Tommy OTB! Thanks for sharing bro.

  14. Lovtworide says:

    bad ass video, I had a great time with some heavy hitting Mtn bikers. We need redemption

  15. Jackson Buresh says:

    Nice man! Gotta check out this place.

  16. cody alexander says:

    Nice vid

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