Disclosure & Lorde – Magnets (Coachella 2016)

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hope this wont get deleted lol
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20 Responses

  1. Lorde's Corner says:

    Yall it might be deleted after a while bc of copyright soo download it to watch it after that lol
    Link: https://mega.nz/#!f6xD1Iib!u81yMpLO4aeGdpm_ZonIHJp4mW9b62OclM2XSwQ2w4c

  2. C Xoxoxo says:

    Checkout my video!! Lorde lyrics

  3. Mateo Andres Navarro Maldondo says:

    I need Royals ft Disclosure

  4. roses to lorde says:

    Coachella! Get it?

  5. Rafael Santos says:

    Plz Ribs Live Coachella Choreography

  6. Robert Matheus says:

    Lorde got the same type of beauty Bowie and Björk had: a pure and unique beauty, not artificial like all these "stars" who look exactly the same.

  7. CamilleMarcil says:

    her outfit is perfect

  8. Георгий Розанов says:

    she is extremely hot

  9. Mariano Baez says:

    Ok gracias!!!!

  10. Ivan M. says:

    and BOOM the following year she was full of colour.

  11. Rodrigo Estrada says:

    Live version is better tbh

  12. hailey elaine says:

    i was just looking for this the other day!! thank you so much for posting!!

  13. Assasinge Gaming says:

    I could've sworn she was going to starr in the Matrix 4 just by seeing her outfit in the original video lol

    Good upload btw

  14. Bear916R says:

    do you have the kcrw performance

  15. GlamourCat1920 says:

    This made my day 100 x better!

  16. Mariano Baez says:

    Cuándo visitaras a México? Saludos LORDE

  17. Avyl Boy says:

    what the fuck I've been looking for this like forever, the time she performed this shit I only saw it through a phone vid, so thanks

  18. Ali Nadeem says:

    Underrated bop!!!

  19. I W says:

    Uuuuh , i love you

  20. taylorde says:


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