Ed Sheeran Under Fire for Outfit at Global Citizen’s Festival

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Rumor Report Rundown:
Ron Burgandy Podcast to launch on iHeartRadio in 2019 (00:09)
Ed Sheeran backlash for casual outfit next to extravagant Beyonce at Global Citizen Festival (00:45)
Peta launches watch your words campaign (02:03)
Issa Rae production company to do romantic musical movie called ‘Love in America’ (05:04)
TDE to hold 5th annual concert toy drive (05:22)

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Ed Sheeran Responds to Backlash for Outfit at Global Citizen’s Festival


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31 Responses

  1. Breakfast Club Power 105.1 FM says:

    Were you upset with Ed Sheeran's outfit??

  2. King Kami says:

    Y'all bitch's need to stfu. Let Ed do his thing.

  3. Sweater & pearls My cats says:

    Ed is the coolest nerd

  4. Sweater & pearls My cats says:

    Ed is soo cool after the interview w u guys. I didn’t know him before that.

  5. el chapo jr kimg of the trap says:

    So PETA kills and kidnaps pets all the time and they want me to not say dumb sayings I'm officially done with this P.C era bullshit.

  6. Ed Sheeran Lover says:

    I loved Ed Sheeran outfit

  7. RATEDRsensei says:

    This world is losing its mind

  8. Henry M says:

    Guess you can't say beat ya monkey no more either.

  9. SunKissNicole says:

    Well gingers don't have souls

  10. LizBiz Ldn says:

    Beyoncé’s fans be doing the most.

  11. Marsha T says:

    PETA needs to take several seats. Very out of line. These concepts of corrections to will not caught on, everything and everyone is seasoned and the seeds are all planted. This should have gotten ahead start 30+ years ago.

  12. Taigenz says:


  13. SIM Sima Who got the keys to mah Bima says:

    Kill me with one stone.

  14. Larry Farrow says:

    So i cant choke chickens

  15. pharaoh_Marviyoso says:

    ppl going at others fr how they dress now. wow.

  16. September Jaii says:

    4:13 Really Envy…

  17. V SAMDOL says:

    U can’t wipe with a white rabbit.

  18. Marcos Carvalho says:

    PETA go F yourself, thanks!

  19. Lefty Gunnz says:

    PETA can suck a horse cock

  20. Ben Hartwig says:

    Sounds like a lot of hurt snowflakes and people who want attention

  21. Byron Kennedy says:

    Hey Peta is bird brained idea still acceptable to say.

  22. Jarred V says:

    Ed Sheeran can wear whatever he pleases

  23. Khmer Shadow says:

    Can’t even spank the monkey

  24. Primrose Redmond says:

    Dress how you wanna…if B wanna dress like Angelina Jolie in Magnificent..fine..if he wants to be comfortable fine!✌

  25. Jerry Ngon says:

    Damn PETA , what kind of brainwashing kush have you guys been smoking before instituting these limitated animal words ( whatever you might call it) ?

  26. Kaos Ruin says:

    Should've executed all SJWs a long time ago. Now look at what they're doing smh

  27. The Golden One says:

    PETA needs to stfu!!! They kill thousands of animals every year!

  28. Pretty Girl_me says:

    PETA needs to take several seats for that nonsense

  29. Ayman Ashley says:

    PETA is full of shit. If I could afford real fur I'd rock it

  30. Teedabeast 901 says:

    What about choke the chicken

  31. ChellyTheGreat says:

    Ppl mad cause he didn’t wear a flashy outifit? Hmmmm!?????

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