Elbow – New York Morning at Glastonbury 2014

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Elbow perform New York Morning at Glastonbury 2014.

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16 Responses

  1. Ryan Banfill says:

    "In the modern Rome, where folks are nice to Yoko." What a great reference to how Lennon loved NYC.

  2. chriswr1 says:

    That trumpet glitch is fantastic! My favourite rendition of a beautiful song.

  3. giuseppe says:

    diciamo che la tromba fa un pò pena

  4. aardvarkmcgillicuddy says:

    Gary Oldman on guitar at 4:20?

  5. Owen J. Gunn Videography says:

    Elephant playing the trumpet at 2:50??

  6. Roberto Mobilin says:

    Oh my… I may fall in love

  7. DiSTRACTiON channel says:

    …TOGETHER ! ;)))

  8. Jonathan Bailey says:

    Some extraordinary memories of that show. Spent it with some of the lovliest people I know. I was, and am fortunate.

  9. Louis Harwood says:

    im 14 and elbow  r by far the best band ever and dis is 1 of my frav songs excellent

  10. Dianne Gill says:

    just gorgeous i love this wonderful band and was proud to see them twice so far this year  and at my spiritual home Glastonbury  love you Elbow xxxx

  11. Ellsmells says:

    Trumpet at 2:51 hahaa!

  12. Steve O'hara says:

    Simply the best

  13. tegela1 says:

    Absolutely wonderful.

  14. Amanda McGeehan says:

    Simply the best band EVER!!! Guy, you're amazing and sound as fantastic live as you do on CD! Love love you!!!

  15. Simon Wolfers says:

    Elbow are a national treasure. 

  16. YesNomads.com says:

    Thank you BBC. Over in Boston at the moment so good to be able to see one of our favourite bands from Glastonbury.

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