Eminem – The Way I Am

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Music video by Eminem performing The Way I Am. (C) 2000 Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records

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38 Responses

  1. Rodrigo lima says:


  2. ChocFiend says:

    Wow, takes me back.

  3. MSN Never Dies says:

    Respect from a metal fan

  4. Kevin O'Brien says:

    they really censored "zig-zags"…….

  5. Alaa Sam says:


  6. Gezza 77 says:

    Yep…still as awesome as when I first heard it.

  7. Brenda Dickman says:

    Love this

  8. Jorge Flores says:


  9. Матвей buskin says:


  10. Матвей buskin says:


  11. Brandon Harbaugh says:

    one of my favorite songs by him, but its so edited it sucks

  12. Yorvic Raymondi says:

    Diciembre 2018 !

  13. i love foxy says:

    i am whatever you say i am if i wasn't then why would you say i am

  14. Matey505 says:

    why marlin didnt sing now i am sad :(((

  15. Ar. Crazy says:


  16. Justyna Matuszek says:

    Pamiętam, że kiedy ta piosenka była popularna, koleżanka z klasy, na wycieczce klasowej, wypadła z okna… Ta piosenka niestety z tego powodu kojarzy mi się tylko z tą sytuacją. Dziewczyna niestety nie przeżyła… 18 lat temu…

  17. Jorge Flores says:


  18. Bo Freakin' Dallas says:

    Best Eminem song…

  19. Hassan Solo says:

    The music is far away better than it's video. In another word f°°k it's video maker. What have you done to this piece of art ? F**k you till the judgment day.

  20. Telikott says:


  21. jekyl lynch says:

    Came back to this song after two decades and holy shit, this is his one of his best songs. His bars rip through everything. Severely underrated song

  22. Aaron GamerYt says:


  23. Aaron GamerYt says:


  24. Aaron GamerYt says:


  25. Aaron GamerYt says:


  26. DG Ferreira says:

    2018 algum br aqui?

  27. acoustic amj123 says:

    Wanna see

  28. Jorge Flores says:


  29. Nomada Loco says:

    te amamos eminem la puta madre che!!!! unico y original

  30. Diego Vitor says:

    Cade a outra metade da musica?

  31. Ritek Sharma says:

    This would be donald trump's favourate song i guess

  32. Jorge Flores says:


  33. Nicki Andradez says:

    Now this is real rap unlike the rap of other rappers now a day #2018-2019

  34. Ethan Gendall says:

    2019 anyone?

  35. andres domenico says:

    pregunten… como se sentian los que caleron de las torre s gemelas

  36. Sangam Kalyan says:

    First diss song about fans . Just eminem things.

  37. 24Playz YT says:

    I can hear the rage and tempor in his voice.

  38. Kohen Lerat says:

    Slim Shady is SATAN, look at that style.

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