Expectations VS Reality Coachella

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Expectations Vs Reality: Coachella 2017

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What is Coachella like? Every year so many people drive out to the desert in Indio California for some of the best music acts in the world. They go to dance and sing with their friends. Everyone is looking for the most amazing life experience. It’s a weekend where nothing matters but you and the music.

But ohohohohoho no that is NOT what Coachella is actually like. It’s actually a hot, sweaty mess, not unlike Becky was at the last party we went to. No Coachella is NOT all about the music, despite what everyone tells you. It’s just a bunch of people trying to look cool, getting dehydrated, getting hit on by creepy guys, sleeping in cramped tents, and getting sunburned.

You probably don’t even know half the bands playing at Coachella, but if even when you do, you can’t hear them and you have to run from set to set just to see the bands you do want to see. Forget about making friends. Everyone at Coachella is just a hipster, hippie wannabe just there to dress up and look cool. It’s not fun, and it’s not the #BestTimeEver. Trust me.



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37 Responses

  1. sweeti's world says:

    Sing it

  2. Professional Commenter says:

    I would rather watch it live stream on YT in the comfort of my own bed with easy access to my bathroom, blankets and refrigerator. Plus I spend nothing.

  3. Cody Bogard says:

    This coulda been good…but girls are just never EVER funny

  4. Esmae Mahoney says:

    for the outfit one its up to you what you wear and also maybe you had a bad experience like i dont think this applies to everyone

  5. Grace H says:

    My first concert was hot Chelle Rae!


    1:17 why is there a guy laying on the floor

  7. Angelica Villarreal says:

    The fact that I'm actually from Coachella I can say some things are true but it's not exaggerated as this. Either way I still enjoyed the video, you have no idea how hard I laughed.

  8. Damaris Andrade says:

    You're not even at Coachella and thats not what it's like

  9. Illuminati CONFIRMED says:

    That's not true

  10. Kaylin says:

    Mine was Katy Perry!

  11. Giovana Acauan says:

    My first concert was Rebeldes when they went to Brazil. It was awesome

  12. Lauryn Beauty says:

    Green light by lorde is so overrated. I liked her moody songs much better, green light is too pop-song-like

  13. Bad habit says:

    i love how you talk too much about Lorde, cuz i love her too.

  14. Omg Slime says:

    I live there in the valley and I live really close to Coachella and the hotels are really nice and it's not the desert

  15. Jenae Jaddea says:

    my first concert…. Neyo!. he is such a good performer. ❤

  16. Sadan A says:

    I never went to a concert

  17. mga says:

    The first ever concert i went to was a big time rush concert i miss the old days

  18. Stellaxo says:

    My fist concert is Ariana grande last year

  19. noiqueen says:

    Im pretty sure they were not at coachella because that doesnt look like coachella

  20. Crystal Evangelista says:

    The dark haired gal kinda reminds me of zoella

  21. Ana Saavedra says:

    Omg I've been waiting for a coachella vid on expectations vs reality thank you so much

  22. Ashley Jane Van says:


  23. Sadie Rebca says:

    My first one was tswift

  24. Geeky Chic says:

    My first concert was Carrie Underwood lol!

  25. Stephanie Carls says:

    Loved the video! My first concert was New Kids on The Block 🙂 hahahaha!

  26. Alana Smith says:

    My first concert was the ledgerndary twenty øne piløts concert

  27. Shaina Garcia says:

    that isnt the place where Coachella is

  28. Cara Jane says:


  29. トーラスハートJEIRU says:

    I call it Being White Vs Reality

  30. Chloe Daniel says:

    One direction in 2013

  31. panicatthemay says:

    Is the girl in the sweater that says wifey gay

  32. Annie Caroland says:

    I'm glad niki is back

  33. l i l a g r a c e says:

    They look rly old

  34. simran says:

    mine was the wiggles

  35. Karen Curtis says:

    My first concert was 1D 🙂

  36. B says:

    A guide concert jls lovable rouges and again grimshaw but if not then status quo with chaz and Dave

  37. Melissa Persaud says:

    you put the desert 2X

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