Fashion sketches inspired by BURNING MAN festival

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Fashion sketches inspired by BURNING MAN festival.


As you saw from my previous 4 videos, we already started, the 1st of November, the Fashion Teaching Online Classes – group A. As I said, these online classes of mine are addressed for people who want to study in private with me, online. This does not mean that I won’t post my videos on Youtube, each Thursday, as you are already used to. My YouTube and my private courses will go in parallel: YouTube will always be free and my private lessons are something extra, for those of you who want more. What can one learn at my online, private classes? Well, here they are:

– how to sketch fast
– how to achieve a perfect drawing
– how to harmonize colors in a fashion collection
– how to think like a fashion designer
– how to use fashion trends in their ideas
– how to sketch costumes inspired by a certain topic
– how to concept a collection starting from any source of inspiration
– how to boost creativity in no time
– how to draw your own fashion collection

For how things are working in these classes, see the previous 4 videos I posted on my YouTube channel last week.
And now, let’s get to the video for today: Fashion sketches inspired by BURNING MAN festival.
The easiest way of starting a collection inspired by a theme is to observe the shapes. You can almost copy the model and adapt it in order to create an outfit. I think it is obvious what inspired me here. As I said before, for this stage it is recommended to use simple lines. These drawings will help you express your ideas, so, there is no need to add the human body or any anatomical details. I am inspired by greasy pencils or charcoal pencils because they leave bold marks. The beautiful gray tones come from the pressure of my hand. That’s why I prefer these pencils – because with an HB pencils one cannot obtain such pressure. After drawing the large volumes, i just added details. The hands are not very important, so, I just suggested the fact that she will wear a tight blouse beneath the dress.
For the second costume, I took the shape of the arch in the left part of the drawing and made an autumn tunic. The wheels inspired a hat and the lamp that hangs beneath the arch, the jewelries. The color was not the main point here, so, the drawing remained black and white.
For the third drawing, i took the lamp once again and made a hat out of it. This time, was not the shape that inspired me but the texture. After sketching the volume, the most interesting part for me was to explore the details. All that lacy texture I used to imagine my outfit like having embroidery with golden threads. This time, color helped me to imagine even better how the costume will be brought to life.
All 3 costumes are designed for winter time. I did 3 variants inspired by a single image just to show you the endless possibilities an image can offer.
If you want to learn more, to be included in my secret groups on facebook and to receive a personal feed-back on your drawings, join my fashion course that starts the 1st of December. For more about how to sign in, see the description of this video. Thank you and take care!


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