Florence and the Machine – You’ve Got The Love (2009) Glastonbury, England

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Florence and the Machine
Glastonbury 2009
27th June 2009

1. Lungs
2. Hurricane Drunk
3. Kiss With A Fist
4. My Boy Builds Coffins
5. Girl With One Eye
6. Howl
7. Drumming Song
8. Dog Days are over
9. Cosmic Love
11.Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
12.You’ve Got The Love

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38 Responses

  1. EveryZepAlbum says:

    I like her voice a little better in 2009. A little raspier and rockkish

  2. parkt6792 says:

    really great ..

  3. Zed Valhalla says:

    Ah yes

  4. Jon Evans says:

    see the diffence

  5. antoteipe says:

    "we only have 1 album, so we kinda played everything……"

  6. stuntcat666 says:

    <3 3:23

  7. stuntcat666 says:

    shhhhh haha

  8. chrissel says:

    oh damned, she is to drunk ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. Paul Mullarkey says:

    immense choon, well done florence =D

  10. Oli Meads says:

    @SeanCF1 lol

  11. deckelpc says:

    Some people need to have a look at a map! Is Glastonbury in Scotland? Needless to say you spent your time at school wisely! And as for the deaf twit who said she isn't drunk, unless i`m mistaken SHE said she WAS drunk! Buy yourself a hearing aid.

  12. DK.BEYBLADE.HK says:

    truly awesome

  13. DK.BEYBLADE.HK says:

    me too:(

  14. DK.BEYBLADE.HK says:

    in fact she's…..not?

  15. Boyd J. Thompson says:


  16. CrazyPurpleLady says:

    Ahhh! I can't believe i get to see her TODAY!! :O

  17. aumakua100 says:

    Sheยดs nice, her voice is beautiful and her entertainment is great.!!! In two weeks iยดll visit to a concert of her!

  18. Elo Belo says:

    Sikkkkkk XD

  19. Brian Barratt says:

    candi staton in diguise ?????

  20. Rob Norris says:

    I love her. js

  21. Ilya says:

    awesome ๐Ÿ˜‰

  22. Stuart Evans says:

    ok….absolutely love this song!!!!….the way she sings it makes me feel good.
    I started listening to the rest of the album and strangly enough it had the reverse effect…how and why???????…..answers on a postcard? x
    p.s Big respect on this one though!!!! x

  23. George Lee says:

    Awsome ๐Ÿ˜›

  24. viewfromemma says:

    i luuuv her so much (:

  25. benares180 says:

    I want to see her bad. Glad this crowd knows to appreciate her.

  26. carltyboy says:

    cade102 grow some balls, live-a-little

  27. Flyster says:

    Bloody hell twats singing like they are at a football match

  28. bealerDSB says:

    thanks for posting !!!!!

  29. bealerDSB says:

    fuk ureself – go do a better job..florence rocks..kiss wiv a fist 4u

  30. Dougal Allan says:

    She makes the classic mistake of confusing VOLUME with talent.

    Shrieking out of tune at the top of your limited range does not make you a god singer.

    Being permanantly pissed on stage also does not help your vocals.

    Yes, she has nice legs and yes, she has a little bit of talent. If she can get a proper vocal coach and start performing sober, she could be immense.

  31. Dan B says:

    Try Rabbit Heart, oh and nothing like Joss Stone, whos lyrics are just as farcicle as 90 percent of the music industry, just my opinion^___^

  32. Glen Beecroft says:

    She's not that different to joss stone it says on her wikipedia article that her music is soul inspired indie. To be honest I can't see the fuss over her if this is as original as music gets these days then the music industry is in quite a bit of trouble.

  33. sohosq says:

    really is this a cover? wow…. do you think she was hoping that no one noticed?

  34. laughingp says:

    Have a look at Candi Staton – U Got The Love – Glastonbury 2008 seem familiar? Who nicked the love?

  35. FloAndTheMachine says:

    im totally in love with florence welch!

  36. Alish Earl says:

    amazing ๐Ÿ˜€

  37. Jack The Ripper says:

    fair enough but joss stones music is shit and this is savage

  38. alexdude1991 says:

    not true since joss stone came first :p

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