FlyPoet- Ed Sheeran, Special Guest Sekou Andrews

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Flypoet Spoken Word & Music Showcase – April 7, 2010.

A friend called me from the UK saying her friend would do well with my audience. I rarely put artists up without seeing them in person first but I took her enthusiasm to heart and said “what the heck!”. Ed Sheeran arrived in LA, we drove around, I showed him the sights and he MURDERED every stage we got him on!

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33 Responses

  1. Isaac S says:

    it also implies a certain, ahem, English confidence, to say "i'm British so do if for me"

  2. Isaac S says:

    this is truly a great moment…even if we grant Foxx's mis-factual hyperbole in his retelling (that Sheeran played a ukulele rather than guitar n' loop–which implies that Ed was less calculating and had less of a handle on his sound and appeal than he actually did); i.e., even with caveats, this is magical

  3. Jelisawesome says:

    I love this

  4. A Bauerfeind says:

    Reading a visual journey which brought me here we'll done Ed !!!

  5. springhy g says:

    I remember watching a team and this and telling him on twitter raw talent will always shine keep it up and what a beautiful journey he has had

  6. imicca says:

    Jamie foxx brought me here

  7. CloneArmy says:

    OMG!!! That is so cool! 19 years old, and he was able pull off this show… Amazing!

  8. Kevin Robin says:

    am i the only one who came here after i saw the jamie fox intwrview

  9. Miguel Nunes says:

    Lotto killed it at the end

  10. ultravish says:

    saw this guy on the road with devlin and thought he was star. good on him

  11. Mike O. says:

    This is crazy i've had a similar experience where I saw the band Fun. and hadn't heard any of their singles and were the openers for Panic at the disco before their massive album and it was before they were grammy nominated literally thought they would be nobodies 5-6months later they were grammy award winners, with a very successful album. Though this is amazing because if I had walked away from that show I'd felt punk'd like this guy must be on the radio and famous already. No way someone just walking into the flypoet having this kind of talent is a nobody.

  12. Miriam Garza says:

    Incredible that you helped discover Ed! He is a gift to us. 🙂

  13. Leif Lauxtermann says:

    Now this was fucking cool! 😛

  14. Jurry says:

    This is crazy man.

  15. Psyche UK says:

    All his hard work certainly has paid off for him.

  16. aicram62 says:

    what's the name of the song I'd like to hear the lyrics on better audio

  17. John McClane says:

    audio is horrible cant make out a ton of the lyrics

  18. marcoslamas says:


  19. annie abarra says:

    Dang! With that guitar Ed is awesome!

  20. Taraloves Art says:

    Pure talent ✨

  21. Vlogalicious says:

    Fuck I love him

  22. x melissako says:

    Awesome Ed! Know him since 2011.. saw him for the first time at a festival in germany in 2012.. i was standing in the first line.. this video reminds me of that.. never forget that!

  23. muhammad nasheef says:

    I end up here by reading his book..on page impressed

  24. Ciara Heg says:

    i love this because it shows what music is all about.I always come back to this performance since i read about it in Eds book and its taught me alot about how to involve the crowd in the performance.The audience knew they were witnessing a legend being born

  25. GREAZY MAORI says:

    This is amazing

  26. Peter Nguyen says:

    damn so this is where it all started

  27. olsparky wisenheimer says:

    That was bad ass!!

  28. JesseTheJazzMan says:

    Классная книга, классный Эд!

  29. 1986nesha says:

    Damn, what song is this?

  30. Blue kid says:

    he better thank jaimie foxx for his success tough

  31. doberman2yk says:

    i can just imagine the face of the people who were at this when he broke the charts like he did. They would be like "wait…. it cant be?? the ginger English kid we saw??" haha…love it!

  32. Hester Jäger says:

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