Gigs in Paradise – Vlog

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7 Responses

  1. Mark Pritchard Guitar says:

    Cool Vlog Leon, all I wanna know is "where is Cam"???? Haha

  2. Jason Haverfield says:

    I like that song starting at 8:00, what is that??

  3. Solar Guitar Studio says:

    Tampa – Perth round trip $1700. Jam session w/Leon, priceless.

  4. Glistening Kabana says:

    Love it Leon, keep squeezin' man!

  5. apakep says:

    Your drummer's as hard find as my will to work.
    [Great gig vlog Leon !]

  6. Steven mGyori says:

    Amusing and enjoyable! Great Ending! At first I thought they kept Cam in lieu of payment? But they shrunk Him! Now you can smuggle him in your baggage! Well done! Great Vid! Thanks for sharing brothers!

  7. Chris ACT says:

    So … where was Cam?

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