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How do I start selling my Fiverr services?
I found Fiverr four years ago – or it found me!
I was desperate to produce some extra cash in a non-traditional way. I had an entrepreneurial spirit but had been only minimally successful at network marketing, monetizing a blog, and working part-time jobs. Then Fiverr popped up in an internet search!

How do I overcome analysis paralysis with affiliate marketing?

I am kind of lucky, in the sense that when I started out online, I did so for fun and not really to make money.

My first attempt at making a website was in the Pre CMS days when you had to completely write it from the ground up with HTML!

Me and a friend gave it a go but suffice to say, the site we create was pretty much ass ugly! However we were still proud we made something.

Fast forward a decade or so and I got into CMS’s quite heavily, mixing it up between the big boys of Joomla, WordPress and Drupal.

Of all these CMS’s, I – like most others – found WordPress to be the easiest and so I settled on that.

Now, what has this got to with your question?

Well, nowadays, it is so unbelievably easy to create a website that most people can do it. This is a great thing because we now all have the potential to help others and make some money.

Therefore, I will break things down a bit to give you an idea of a route you could travel to get started.

Find out what you are really interested in. Is it walking, fitness, dart, bowling, technology etc,
Once you can answer this you should then consider going a bit deeper. I.e. if technology is your interest; what kind of technology do you use the most or enjoy using the most?
Let’s say you enjoy mobile telephones. What phone are you using now, what kinds of things do you search the internet for to find out. Do you check for the latest updates about Apple or Android all the time etc.
The next step is to actually make a website. As I said before; this is easy now. My website has an entire guide about creating a website from scratch using WordPress and you should not be scared to just get something up. It will cost a bit of money for a domain name and hosting. You can start free with Blogger, but if you are serious about affiliate marketing, you should get your own host.
THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT POINT: As soon as your website is live and looks OK, just start writing. Write for yourself only. Don’t worry about what you think others want to read about, just write as though no one is reading. This will do 2 things:
It will hone your writing skills ready for when you will have traffic
You won’t be worrying about every little thing and just learn to write for the fun of writing.
Once you are confident that your writing has improved, then you can start to look around for affiliate offers in your niche. You can do this by searching the internet for: “Keyword” + affiliate offers – replacing “Keyword” with your actual keyword, e.g. “Samsung Play Store Apps” + affiliate offers.
Alternatively you can apply to become an Amazon Associate whereby you send people to Amazon via an affiliate link and you get commission for every sale they make. This is what I do for 90% of my websites and it works pretty well.

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