Glastonbury Carnival 2017 – Behind the Scenes

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Glastonbury Carnival, the last carnival of the season – and it pours down!

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9 Responses

  1. Frizzy Frozzy says:

    What o’fortuna version did you use. Yours was different to the others with more bass

  2. Hoggyx21 says:

    hi ben

  3. Cider Talbot Too says:

    Hi Ben, brilliant and interesting video. I used to love the carnival as a kid but now live in Swindon and don't get to come down as much as I would like. My parents still live in Glastonbury.
    I would just like to say that my Grandfather Frank Talbot was one of the original founders of this carnival. If you look up the story of how it started you will find his name. From a meeting in the Rifleman's Arms. Thank you for sharing.
    A big Sub from me.

  4. les brewer says:

    My wife and I have watched all these videos and have thoroughly enjoyed them. It a wonderful insight to all that goes on before, during and after the event that we all take for granted that we all see for those few moments! Thank-you

  5. Alice Loftus7 says:

    Going to miss theses videos thanks for uploading your cart this year was AMAZING

  6. Daft Cat Brewing says:

    Thanks Ben, I always look forward to your videos when carnival season comes around

  7. Hannah Plumley Myvloggingaddiction says:

    As some one else asked can you show us the process of dismantling the cart

  8. lewi509ps4 says:

    Can you record you stripping the cart down

  9. English Bob says:

    Thanks for all your videos ben

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