Interview with Kpop Band MONT | Hornbill Festival Nagaland 2018 | Roots & Leisure

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K Pop Group Mont to perform for the 1st time in India as part of the Hornbill International Music Festival (HIMF) in Dimapur Nagaland. Roots and Leisure team was part of a press conference held a day before their performance.

More from the Interview and photos from their performance

More about Hornbill Festival on R&L

More about the Hornbill International Music Festival

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15 Responses

  1. anuradha buragohain says:

    I hope they had a great time here. So that they go back to Korea and give positive feed back about India . Paving way for other kpop groups like BTS, Exo, Shinee etc and other groups to come to India.

  2. Tingyon Kon says:

    Any one there to Make a funny vĂ­deo at k pop..if not madlipes .

  3. Kina Nzangmei says:

    I wish EXO comes to north east too…….m an EXO-L

  4. Kina Nzangmei says:

    Thanks for coming to Nagaland even though I can't get a chance to see them…..thanks for the effort u guys put in……

  5. Robert Riku says:

    Never heard about them….

  6. Susho Chishi says:

    Add a public comment

  7. lavanya eesarapu says:

    Hearty welcome to India..
    All the best

  8. raj charles says:

    2:11 I am main bukals

  9. Chingpong Langsym says:

    Now……. We're waiting for our opposite sexes…. I mean, waiting for Korean girls to come Nagaland…. I pray

  10. Kchin Khup says:

    so sad……… fr the interviewr and the band…lol

  11. Gil Thoirei says:

    Just remember one thing ..if we don't welcome the outsider we will never be welcome too .it s a great opportunity that the outsider are learning about we Naga's inhabits in the India which they never even dreamt that we mongoloids are also in the part of India….Grow up Naga's.

  12. Aphei Jess says:

    Good English. Love it

  13. Aphei Jess says:

    When you guys get back to Korea. Tell your friends that you guys hve seen your twins

  14. media killer says:

    idiots press dont knw how to interview celebs…backward peoples

  15. media killer says:

    Naga copy korean tats why they came to teach how korean are often pure in every…..part .

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