Jeremy Corbyn at Glastonbury 2017

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9 Responses

  1. Trevor Jones says:

    Jackanory story telling – prize prick on display.

  2. star buster says:


  3. jontibloom says:

    Comrade Jegori Curbin addresses the Proletariat

  4. jack tarr says:

    fcuk I thought he was going to sing d.ream 'things can only get better' with bully bullshit backing

  5. Mafia Leader says:

    Poor filming. As though solent tv only employs people with parkinsons. You don't need to keep changing angle every 5 seconds ffs

  6. blackmore4 says:

    The loudest "Baaaaaa" on record surely.

  7. Ess Emm says:

    Be careful Billy Bragg, prancing around wearing a gold star……

  8. Niki Rose says:


  9. Ian 1973 says:

    Its like the Nuremburg rallies all over again

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