Jessie J – Nobody’s Perfect | Glastonbury 2011

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44 Responses

  1. Pakky Channel says:

    So Good ….

  2. Green Meadow says:

    The Great and Brilliant Jessie J – unfortunately, this was as good as it got.

  3. jasmin santos says:

    I love you jessie j so pretty

  4. Felipe Rodrigues says:

    No no no no no nooooo

  5. Eleanna Tzavara says:

    i think jessie j is the only female singer that can sing live

  6. Megi45ify says:

    Omg she is perfect !!!! I love her !!

  7. Stephen Hare says:

    She has the voice of a thousand angels she doesn't need auto tone

  8. mztUU18 says:

    What happened to her leg ? ^o^

  9. idcemily says:

    can i be british oh

  10. Bek Davidson says:

    Love her

  11. angel allen says:

    U suck

  12. Equa Halonen says:

    No. NOBODY'S PERFECT! And who want to be?

  13. Mah says:

    Her left leg.

  14. Mah says:

    I want the full concert video! O My goooodness, I'll search all of em

  15. Amanda Matos says:

    Ainda com o pé machucado não deixa de ser diva *-*

  16. Ilir Beqiri says:

    /watch?v=a08BKiQMhXM Please visit this link and listen to the copywrite/cover of this song

  17. silkecottyn says:

    7 people think they are perfect

  18. Lana Alamsyah Wiliyan says:

    but you are perfect !!!!!!!! amazing

  19. tobi jonson says:

    i wish that was my leg is the broken not urs 🙁 so u can light the stage as u can do always 🙁

  20. MONSTER HEART says:!!!!

  21. MONSTER HEART says: are not the only one who noticed the similarities..I did as well.

  22. Alexandre Martins says:

    7 people are stupid and do not know what a real talented singer!

  23. TS VIDEOS says:

    Extremamente maravilhoso

  24. Courtni Lachelle says:

    a lot of people would have cancelled their appearance. Not Jessica Cornish!!!!!

  25. buildinskiller says:

    Lmfao at the bassist at 0:34 – I can't help but laugh every time!

  26. sarah steffens says:


  27. Elle M. says:

    No,she fell down from the stage

  28. ionutzzz85 says:

    kool kool thumb up….jessie jay has a great great great voice…best singer on the world!!….she is my favorite artist!

  29. CaBoPs says:

    Brit fans are the best ! And Jessie won't let her fans down just because of a broken leg – now that's respectable – cause her assets are voice and carisma ! Thanks Jessie !

  30. MsMoem says:

    The voice. The melody. The lyrics. All perfect!

  31. wushish says:

    Nobody's Perfect

  32. Misty Smith says:

    wots the song called?

  33. wenxia lin says:

    its not easy to sitting and be so be entertaining.

  34. MerySun1000 says:

    ¡¡¡¡JESSIE IS THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!!!!! Oh My God!!!! 🙂

  35. Leo Palmer says:

    wha- It wasn't like this with the Kills >:

  36. Sweetcoco99 says:

    Whats with her Leg ??

  37. claireyoung112x says:

    oh my god amazingggg!!!! gave me goosebumps xx

  38. FlashyPinkSummer says:

    i love how jessie j can always have fun on stage no matter what even tho she cant move but it doesnt matter she can still rock a crowd!

  39. BenjaaHasbun says:


  40. Tony yin says:

    F*ck i cant stop listen this song…

  41. QualityVOICES says:


  42. Kaan Çolak says:

    4:07 What the hell is going on here…?

  43. winehousedrunk says:

    Fierce perfection, with a sweet smile at the end. Couldn't wish for more. A Glasto classic already.

  44. Kimbo Ellen Cornish says:


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