John Mulaney Shares His Best Heckle Story

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Jimmy chats with John Mulaney about the worst stand-up gig he ever had.

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John Mulaney Shares His Best Heckle Story

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33 Responses

  1. asmrlistening says:

    good lord, does Jimmy Fallon have an annoying laugh

  2. livefast says:

    mur-frees-boro lmao love john mulaney but c'mon man let's get it together skdjs

  3. patrick mcmann says:

    He is in fact pronouncing Murfreesboro wrong 🙁 In his defense it is really stupid name

  4. Kelli Halliburton says:

    Yeah, yeah, yeah. Murph freeze borough. Whatever.

  5. Path to Math says:

    1st of all Murfreesboro isn't a "hick Town." This joke was simply insensitive. Murfreesboro is one of the fastest growing cities in the entire USA. the "gig" he did wasn't even at a campground, it was a comedy tent at Bonnaroo. You know Bonnaroo right? The cities closest to us that better resemble his fake "murfriersboro" town he has made up is rockvale or woodbury. Now for the "white
    supremacist" people here, they came here from charlottsville Virginia… due to refugees coming to murfreesboro.

  6. Courtney Crittendon says:

    Nope pronounced it WRONG! Make fun of us if you want but at least say it correctly! There are only 2 R's in Murfreesboro!

  7. katiegrim says:

    idk if the laugh is fake bc john mulaney was being pretty funny

  8. Rith Trelin says:

    Does this guy ever stop the comedy?

  9. Chip Cook says:

    Oh, Jimmy, did your dog just die and you were just trying to soldier on?

  10. Frannie N says:

    Jimmys laugh is god awful

  11. ZionHorner says:

    What a couple of morons. These fools make humanity look bad. Also, being from the south, this doesn't reflect well on New Yorkers. Of course, I wouldn't expect anything more from a New Yorker lol

  12. Gilbert Aguilar says:

    Please please please God please stop Fallon from using his horribly insincere fake laugh for the rest of eternity. PLEASE

  13. Steven Jones says:

    In this timeline Barry is a comedian

  14. Missy Barbour says:

    No one will politely snatch the wig off your soul like a southerner.

  15. Project Maganda says:


  16. Doop Brannigans says:

    Sounds like bonaroo

  17. Jeff Harper says:

    Ugh Jimmy literally contributes nothing to his interviews. he just fake laughs, pounds his desk, and repeats a 4 word version of what the guest said

  18. Alexander Perry says:

    There’s like 60k people and its a real town

  19. Sierra Nyokka says:

    There are many Murfreesboro's across the south. The one in Arkansas smells like Tysons chicken tenders.

  20. clauditorium says:


  21. Eleanor Jensen says:

    It’s funny because he is miss pronouncing Murfreesboro

  22. Nautilus1972 says:

    God Jimmy sounds so fake …

  23. James Cassar says:

    That laugh is giving my ears cancer

  24. Kels Saw says:

    The name of the city is Murfreesboro but ok john

  25. Paige -Low Key- says:

    I’m crying this is so funny

  26. Blue Strange says:

    Jimmy laughing harder than the whole audience combined


    holy shit jimmy is fucking annoying

  28. KaaVa1 says:

    Jimmy Fallon acts like everything he hears is the funniest damn thing he ever heard. It's exhausting.

  29. cullen cavanaugh says:

    Is this guy supposed to be funny?

  30. Jessica Haluska says:

    Four years later, but it’s actually pronounced “murphysboro.”

  31. generic name says:

    im from tn he is pronouncing it incorrectly its mur-frees-buro

  32. Bywater Gal says:


  33. Sparkatonic says:

    Excuse me, I’m from Murfreesboro and the way he said it…..KILL HIM!

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