Laidback Luke | Live @ Ultra Music Festival 2018

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First time closing the Worldwide Stage at Ultra Music Festival, it was packed! Thanks for coming out everyone! And sorry for the wait, wanted to upload the set earlier this week but we experienced some trouble with editing the footage. Finally, I hope you enjoy it!

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40 Responses

  1. TKe Long says:

    rock. That. shite! Freaking lovely man!

  2. Jonathan Achote says:

    que set hp

  3. Rui Santos says:

    Armin Van burren – Sex, love & water ( who make this remix? ) anyone know?

  4. Olufemi Williams says:

    The camera view is horrible. What are they doing?

  5. Sam Skye says:

    Amazing set!

  6. franco soriano says:

    I mean you gotta be bold to drop la chona at a festival. The crowd had no clue

  7. Charles Nick Jusayan says:

    no one made a drops only of this set 🙁

  8. juksmovies says:

    Direct audio stream? I like it more when you hear the reaction of the crowd.

  9. swiftleigh music says:

    first song we all love is Rocking With The Best (Staysick Edit) – i cant see a release date, but that is the song. and if you appreciate that info, grateful if you can check my Ultra aftermovie on my channel! it's pretty dope i think you'll like. cheeeeeerrssss

  10. Miguel Dominguez Carucci says:

    live Venezuelan

  11. Helder Fernandes says:

    Music at 42:30 is from a who?

  12. Detox Dave says:

    First song please… lol

  13. Gibbous says:

    Wish I could see you live bruv <3

  14. Veena G says:

    In LOVE with minute 5:54 (Sex, Water, Love – Laidback Luke remix)!!!! Laidback Luke – where can I buy your remix? Can't find it anywhere for purchase!

  15. michelle Cano says:


  16. Marta Baena says:

    Great video, it catches the emotions! Have you missed it? Check out some of the best festivals around the world in 2018 Thank you!

  17. Marco Pelliu - Dein Fl Coach says:

    What is teh Name of the song at 2:00 ? 🙂

  18. Marco Pelliu - Dein Fl Coach says:

    Epic Intro! Love it.

  19. Dogswithguns says:

    You rock!!!

  20. Madhawa says:

    What in the world was this @ 24:25?

  21. Lolsar says:

    See you in 16 days my man

  22. Hercules Brofister says:

    that towering stage display looks like some shit from a scifi movie.

  23. Nahuel Monzon says:

    12.00 ?

  24. Jim Barrett says:

    How cool is laid back luke superb

  25. Marios Fedonos says:

    you coming to GUABA BEACH BAR CYPRUS

  26. Manu Arras says:

    In my mind of this set plsss!!

  27. Hugo Santos says:


  28. imnotgay_butineedthemoney says:

    This guy with the bunny ears is giving me life.

  29. Péter Steininger says:

    19:45 music?

  30. 2Soul's says:

    Sick intro w/ "Rockin' With The Best" 😉

  31. Sebastian Kohl says:

    Didn't expect such a cool Set (Y)
    Camera meeeh

  32. B Pino says:

    The best DJ in dance music hands down.

  33. Saim Mirza says:

    Damnnnn 18:00


    1:16 track id????????

  35. Steven Universe says:

    DJ hero 5 the movie

  36. Micha Ar says:

    1:152:40 this track will be released in this mix ? awesome…

  37. Martin Steiner says:

    what for song is 1:12 ? thx !

  38. Alan Puente says:

    This is how a good set should be played. No mic hype bs on every drop and actually real djing. (Yea fuck you dvbbs lol) wide arrange of music selection, some classics, some mamadas. Thanks for keeping it real LL

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