L’Ange Noir & Elodie @ Kizomba Open Festival 2018

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Song : Bruna Tatiana – Nosso Momento | Official Video

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L’Ange Noir Kizomba


Elodie Catena


Kizomba Open Festival

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31 Responses

  1. Doe-Z says:

    That ass is ASSMAZING!

  2. schadrac Adjognidje says:

    Bah Moi je n'ai fais que regardez le jolie tee-shirt du mec durant toute la vidéo. Quel beau tee-shirt ! Mdrr.

  3. Andrew Horry says:

    Phat Azz,Damn

  4. Tafari Boozer says:

    I would love to dance with her my lord.

  5. Alex Johansson says:

    Why they are showing Indian ads before the video get started

  6. Melissa McBeal says:

    I love how he leads!

  7. أبو علي says:


  8. UnsetTheMindset says:

    I came here to try to understand why there were people in the background filming vertically.

  9. alfredo vazquez says:

    La Amooooo!!!!!!

  10. Hernan Cortes says:

    Ya estoy arto de los comentarios solo hablan de culo

  11. Josue Josue Alfaro says:

    Que amor

  12. sippinn feugo says:

    she had a fatty

  13. Ɲɛѵɛʀɱѳʀɛ says:

    Lovely dance.

  14. Luis Villón says:

    Her mame es Elodie Catena… de nada soldados.

  15. Blake Kendall says:

    Nice ass, shitty dancing.

  16. Adan Martínez says:

    bailando con un culo asi se re para el fierro

  17. You Tube says:


  18. Ratip Sodar says:


  19. Theron Jett says:

    I'm sorry Kim Kardashian but this girl got you beat.

  20. moj Tues says:

    Daaaamn that ass is popin

    Almost every comment is about that ass

  21. Komche Ambaw says:

    She is toooooooo hoooooot

  22. Abdur Rajjak says:


  23. Kevin Carey says:

    Fat booty

  24. heinousness Less sweetness says:

    O Mami

  25. Juan Bautista says:

    Sweet fat ass.

  26. Luis Rosario says:


  27. Claudia Silva says:

    que finesa

  28. Jack Burnell says:

    Im not sure why guys these days think a big fat jiggly ass on a girl looks good.

  29. Isaac says:

    Don't pretend it's about the music and the dance. It's about that ass!

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