Live Music (Jolly Jay & H2O) II | DLD11

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Live music at DLD11 in Munich.

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14 Responses

  1. JaytotheJolly says:

    @YetiKrolle ich weis leider nichtmal was NRW ist? nord rhein westfalen? haha kein plan. wir sind immer da wo wir gebucht oder gefragt werden. also organisier was in nrw, wo auch immer das ist, und wir sind am start 😉

  2. JaytotheJolly says:

    @xChemicalThrowerx safe man, its from a German producer called Cuthead. and yeah i love that beat to.

  3. Robert Guardia says:

    Man the last couple of days i been watching your rap battles from dontflop, your pretty awesome man, soon as i get the p im gona buy your album bro, keep up the good shit!

  4. 80s bandit says:

    @JaytotheJolly Oh alright, I see. Thanks for the reply, and sorry for being so slow with mine. 😡

  5. JaytotheJolly says:

    @xeroxz2k5 yo the last song is called "Dont Let The Label Label You" it is a beat by Doe Diggla and hasnt actually been recorded yet. We have been performing it for almost a year now and its going on a project we are doing solely produced by doe diggla which will be very electronic and full of fast flows as such. keep your ears open for when that drops.
    thanks for the interest.
    – JollyJay

  6. 80s bandit says:

    Would anyone happen to know what the last song is called?

  7. joe klose says:

    jolly jay is fuckin sick

  8. CulchaVulcha says:

    Dope! Biggup JollyJay and H20

  9. Sir John Falstaff says:

    Actually, it's the guy laughing at his own joke…

  10. JaytotheJolly says:

    @nic3inh0 haha- yeah def agree! cracked me up baaare the first time i saw that too… too jokes how i creep into frame with that face slapped on… should have practiced that in front of the mirror once b4 😉

  11. Sir John Falstaff says:

    3 hilarious things:

    1.) Hanno in 12:34
    2. ) The Audience from 0:01 until 15:09
    3.) Guy in the end making a joke

    Sick last song, great show especially in front of this kinda audience!

  12. lebowskistyleable says:

    yesssss!!! DONT LET THE LABEL LABEL YOU!!! great show 🙂

  13. Nick Ho Hong Tang says:


  14. Josef Seidl says:

    last song is sick

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