LIVE MUSIC TV Best Unsigned Bands and Artists Episode 4 Series 4 RawSound TV

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RawSound TV

MTV for Unsigned Bands

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Recorded at Glass Onion Recording Studio. Birmingham, England.

and Square One, Coventry University

Artist – Future Fires

First Song – Far

Second Song – Keep a Secret

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Artist – Candid

First Song – Retrospect

Second Song – Time Will Tell

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Artist – The Rumble

Song – Do What You Do

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Artist – Esther Turner

Song – Tequila

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Title Music

Song – Black Witch



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A massive shout out and thank you to both acts that made Your show an amazing experience.

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..and a big Thanks to Clint for the social media and the gopro.

©Ⓟ All rights reserved. This video and sound recording are the exclusive property of RawsoundTV/Glass Onion Recording Studio. Songs Performed on the show remain the copyright of the respective artists. RawsoundTV logo is copyright of RawsoundTV.

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