Man Touches High-Powered Wire Burst into Flames, Falls 125ft SURVIVES / Boyle Heights RAW FOOTAGE

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BOYLE HEIGHTS – A man in his early 40s suffered electrical burns and other major injuries early today in Boyle Heights after being shocked by a high tension wire and then falling an estimated 100 feet onto pads placed on the ground, authorities said.
A Los Angeles Police Department Hollenbeck Division officer said the man climbed an electrical pole at the intersection of Marengo and North State streets about 1:50 a.m.
The “officer” said the man touched a 360-volt line about 3:15 a.m. and was thrown off the pole by the shock and struck a traffic light during his fall.
Both the officer and a videographer at the scene said the man had begun to descend the pole, but then changed his mind and climbed up again.
The videographer said the man was sitting on a ledge of the pole, then pushed himself sideways and grabbed the high voltage line.
The videographer said the man’s fall was broken by one of two rescue pads set up by Los Angeles County Fire Department firefighters.
The man was taken to a hospital, where he was in critical condition, said Officer Liliana Preciado of the LAPD’s Media Relations Section. -CNS

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35 Responses

  1. Sans y says:

    I actually feel so bad for this guy

  2. Joshua puppet play Channel waddell fun winter says:

    He took

  3. Joshua puppet play Channel waddell fun winter says:

    That guy got cooked to death 10000 volts of AC

  4. Yasser Gamer KSA says:

    20:54 this is amercia welp never and don’t go to amercia ever!

  5. Meryl says:

    0:04 When my brain starts working.

  6. BlueLP Diamond says:

    Stop talking about how they didn't rush over. Do you really think he'd survive about 30k volts through his body, just before a 125 ft fall onto the hard ground/dirt? I wouldn't. Clearly this was a mistake as he survived, but still 499 times out of 500 he'd be dead.

  7. Abel Axen says:

    what a stupid piece of shit. waste of resources. ignore it and let him fry.

  8. g-säz says:

    yeah yeah he landed on the airbag!!!

  9. Iowarail says:

    That was shocking.

  10. Lil Scremo says:

    Two things
    2.) fucking crack heads man

  11. blueeyegrl dawn says:

    He was smokin

  12. Flyin Brian says:

    All that tax payers money paying for all those clowns to stand around. I'd be embarrassed to say I'm in the LAPD…OR LAFD. You guys are a joke.

  13. ItsAppleJuice says:

    I never laughed so hard

  14. rockinrowdy13 says:

    They thought he was TOAST…that's why they didn't bother to rush to his aid!

  15. Robert Williams says:

    It's about the body language that speaks volumes about a certain callous indifference. I can understand how that can or must develop over time from coping or being able to cope. But what's clearly illustrated here is that the job saps ones soul. They themselves are not aware of it. It's in the body language. No ones fault particularly, it just bites.

  16. dale bowman says:

    That was shocking!!

  17. ryry998 says:


  18. Tiki Tiki Time!! says:

    What did he thought by fooling around with these electric mess.No thank u ;(

  19. Tiki Tiki Time!! says:


  20. Zach Wetherell says:

    This guy is so fucking dumb

  21. VenoKeebi says:

    Usually when a body touches power lines the heat generated in their abdomen causes liquids to instantaneously turn into steam and pressurizing the abdominal cavity until it bursts, Essentially making them explode like a pizza roll left in the oven too long.

  22. DP Z says:

    That's my Homeboy Crispy, he likes PCP.


  23. Paula Hughes says:

    I’m still watching. At about 8 minutes (I’m bored). Here is what I cannot fathom whatsoever . . .
    Humans can and usually survive a “shock” but as a rule, humans touching and part of power lines, it is over. Are you sure he wasn’t a fried dead man walking?

  24. Majic Frank Lutes GuRu says:

    Every life is important to Crist, I hope he finds the help he needs.

  25. Cate C-N says:

    Okaip… My question is, how in the F**K did he get up there?!! Like… THE F**K!!!

  26. Pie 4life says:

    I like how everyone just walks up not even sprint or run like what a great service we have they don’t care

  27. Isaiah the prophet of god Morales says:

    Ash: Pikachu use electric shock!
    Pikachu: pi pikaa chuuuu!!!
    Ash: that's right Pikachu!

  28. Phyllis Ann Tilden says:

    No power company to cut power there?

  29. Djean70 says:

    @20:53 did you see the cop that put a flashlight on the hurt man? That cop was laughing. This is why these monsters in blue are hated. No heart or soul.

  30. TurboDV8 says:

    It's a good thing they had those air bags there …

  31. Holy Iam says:

    Satan is working ppl. Stay blessed

  32. Carl Christensen says:

    Thank you

  33. CVPI says:

    Hello God

  34. Ladon Simons says:

    What? The fuck is he doing hey,let me film under the car the 76 sign he's Know Alfred Hitchcock the man with the X-ray eyes would have done better

  35. Ladon Simons says:

    The camera man is a dumbass stay with the scene!

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