Marathi Village Food Festival in Pune | 10th – 13th January | Indian Food Vlog

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Hello Hungryheads!

We have a #foodfestival in town! Shreyas Hotel has organised a wonderful village set-up in the heart of #pune city where you can enjoy some lip-smacking #marathifood

Here is all you need to know about it:

Hurda Mahotsav – 10th to 13th Jan, 2019 at Gharkul Lawns near Mhatre Bridge every evening from 7:30 pm – 10:30 pm.
Contact: 020 25531228

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21 Responses

  1. Renuka Shiva says:

    Please talk in Hindi. .we r not Americans….

  2. ganesh shinde says:

    Food critic become fat u r too good as of now

  3. ganesh shinde says:

    Location in Pune?

  4. vishal kumar says:

    When you are showing something show that not urself and your boring talk . How you are showing means . You are showing only ur face and your stupid talk . Better show where u went . And the climate . And there create culture not your face and over talking

  5. vishal kumar says:

    Please try to show sides by u not you . In your blog 80% you are showing your self and your stupid ower talking . Please try to show besides you more . Not u and your boring talk

  6. Komal Kashikar says:

    U talking hindi marathi together sounds cool

  7. Komal Kashikar says:

    Nic vdo dear

  8. swapnil gotmare says:

    ताई मस्तच… घे ताव मारुन….तोंडाला पाणीच आल राव…..

  9. vaibhav bhalerao says:

    very nice vlog, as always ur English is bang on and pleasant to the ears.. whats ur insta btw?

  10. Shrikant Mane says:

    महाराष्ट्रीयन संस्कृतीबद्दल सांगताय खाद्यपदार्थ बदल सांगताय पारंपारिक पदार्थ बदल सांगताय मराठीत बोला प्लीज मॅडम

  11. Mangesh Kale says:

    Thank you for this vlog said the entry fee is 70 and u dont have to pay anything for the that right? and how??

  12. Naresh Doshi says:

    Nice video

  13. Chandra Sekhar Kondapalli says:

    Awesome & yum yum

  14. Anil More says:

    You r looking pretty in a true Maharashtrian getup

  15. Jaison Jaison says:

    I love ur videos n I ,,,,,,,,,u really

  16. Rajekhan Shaikh says:

    खूप छान गावाकडची आडवन झाली लहाणपनाची

  17. malcolm dsouza says:

    how much money you get for this pune festival advertised.

  18. Pradeep Rajkumar says:

    cutie Mohi darling.. WOW MARATI food… Sweetie wow…

    Do not say sorry about the lighting.. WOW energy Dear Mohi… KARUMBU Sugarcane juice.. Its like Kerala and Tamilfood wow…

  19. Shreyas Pimple says:

    "Bharle vanga ka jo masala hota hai na, it is to die for…" So honest !!
    Very nice !!

  20. Rohan Alhat says:

    Very nice welcome again in Pune nice get-together gathering will definitely come thank u mam for informing …

  21. rajesh patel says:

    Fantabulous episode! Looking ethereal in this Maharashtrian style saree :)!

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