Maura Tierney on David Bowie, The Affair & Beautiful Boy

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Maura talks about shooting ‘The Affair,’ doing experimental theatre in Japan, a crazy bar she went to in Tokyo, playing Pixies records with David Bowie, and her new movie with Steve Carell and Timothee Chalamet in Beautiful Boy.

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Maura Tierney on David Bowie, The Affair & Beautiful Boy

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40 Responses

  1. Brad P says:

    She seems so cool!

  2. Alejandra Fidalgo says:

    looking forward for the next season of the affair 🙂

  3. Patrick Doran says:

    Boy, I recognize the voice, but not the face. Was that a dig at the Eagles? Not cool, not cool.

  4. whatudoin1 says:

    The affair is a good show …they got us hooked with a good story and some hot sex scenes and then they cut out the scenes lol

  5. The Ferryman says:

    I see botox…

  6. rain says:

    Beautiful Boy out on Amazon Prime USA !!!

  7. Rachel Spice says:

    Maura! Yes! Nice to see her back on Jimmy Kimmel, it’s been years! She will never have enough exposure for my taste.

  8. Santiago Balestrini Robinson says:

    Man listening to Surfer Rosa with Bowie would have been incredibly epic…

  9. Anna Banana says:

    Thank you

  10. eheck25 says:

    A queen

  11. Jason Blakemore says:

    I love her voice

  12. painkiller1968 says:

    She used to be girl next door cute. Now she looks weird. Crap done to the eyes at least.

  13. SDMFAnthony says:

    Still so beautiful.

  14. jhrdn says:

    Beautiful Boy was an amazing, raw, beautiful movie.

  15. accidentprown says:

    ROBERT CALIFORNIAS WIFE. Couldnt figure out how i knew her.

  16. David D says:

    The caption sounds like she had an affair then a boy with Bowie lol

  17. kurtispopp says:

    Lisa Miller please do me.

  18. john Baldock says:

    Loved her in ER! what a Great Actor.

  19. James Bond says:

    I misread the title as "David Bowie's affair with beautiful boy" I'm ashamed where my brain went…

  20. james evarts says:


  21. Stephen H. Koontz says:

    Liked her since “Liar, Liar”
    She needs more award love for her performance in “Beautiful Boy”

  22. Petra S says:

    Love her! Amazing work in Beautiful Boy but one can always expect excellency from her performances. Can't wait for the new season of The Affair and where Helen will end up. Want to see her in more movies. Pls throw more work her way TPTB.

  23. Boondock says:

    I used to have such a crush on her in the late 90s

  24. tim feleppa says:

    I have had a nerd crush on her for twenty years.

  25. PositiveLastAction says:

    She had work done.

  26. Isaiah Robinson says:

    PlayStation and Sony is 100% straight up trash and garbage for all ETERNITY.

  27. Majax16 says:

    Abby should’ve ended up with Carter. There, I said it!

  28. Scott Crosby says:

    My mega crush continues

  29. ItsLebeau says:

    Maura… Whole snack!

  30. 2-2 chicken says:

    I'd smash

  31. New Message says:

    Funny that she mentions Pixies just as I contemplate how she could play Kim Deal in a biopic.

  32. New Message says:

    Sounded like a setup to a joke.. "Two menus and a flashlight walk into a bar… "

  33. Bee Bamm Bamm says:

    I couldn't recognize her at first,never thought she needed anything done one her face though.

  34. Je v says:

    One day am going to be on Jimmy Kimmel

  35. lc11214 says:

    I loved her in ER.

  36. Nunya Business says:

    The movie she was talking about with Bowie was The Linguini Incident. Check it out.

  37. Yayalav Cooking Foods says:

    Wow! Amazing

  38. Joe Button says:

    she looks like Ronda Rousey from the side..

  39. tim feleppa says:

    She is awesome

  40. lubna mansour says:

    The David Bowie story is Great

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